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When we live together with our partner, friend or relative, we get used to the company so much so that we don't realize the presence. Let us say we get conditioned and habituated enough to recognize one's presence. Let me say start ignoring one. It is at the time of separation that we understand the loss or say importance... Small separation in physical form teaches us the lesson.


Unique The mother NATURE demands nothing. It is not in hurry .It does not want to prove anything, but wants to remain as original and as oneself as possible. You are an individual having personalized unique properties comparable to none. Then why try to compare oneself with any and prove superior or inferior. You are You - unique, great, different. Just remain so.


I am addressed as UNCLE for last 3 to 4 years. Not because, I have suddenly grown old, but because, westernization and English has attacked us. We have stopped someone telling KAKA, MAMA, MASA or FUVA which are self-explanatory words. Instead we have gone for UNCLE. I am not unhappy about this, because there is some address instead of none. I am actually getting used to with this. And I have started liking it.

Sunday Diary - Jan 10, 2010

If a husband competes with his wife, it is quite possible, he’d win. But if a father competes a mother in reference to love, emotions, feelings of her to her offsprings, it is impossible to win.


Element of uncertainty is LUCK. Whenever you do some activity, you wait for result: THE OUTCOME The tragic part of the story is circumstances, time, environmental and human factors also play important role in deciding the end-point. So your proper planing, hard work and intelligent efforts are not the only factors to talk about.

For Daughters, Married And About-to-Marry

About relationship with your parents and parents-in-law: Never think of in-laws as your opponents or enemies. They have some limitations of nature, similarly you too have. Simply accept. Bringing your parents in problem with in-laws does not solve it, but complicate it most of the times. Think it over,... ultimately it is your life.

Sunday Diary - Jan 3, 2010

One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat one at politeness. -Josh Billings  Are you really in love ? You are in love when you would rather not live life without the other person; when he or she is the first that springs to your mind in happiness or grief.