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Rahul & Shivani's Wedding

Whatever smartness or intelligence one has, to anticipate the probable attitude of the future partner is difficult. So for the continuation of the marriage, adjustment and compromises are must, compulsory. One has to marry because the law does not allow man-woman physical relations at random and society has laid certain norms of man-woman staying together. Though liberate present-day scenario allows live-in relations and physical relationship without much fuss, marriages are unavoidable. Once decided to marry, the second question arising is the method – the technique of the wedding. How many persons to be invited, the place of the wedding, the menu and its preparation and the details of the function is the subject of this article.

English Generation's Hindi Romance

Present generation young people talk and express their views most of the times in English . But when it comes to expressing personal emotions of love and affection, they sing Hindi songs. Ironical, isn't it?!

Acknowledging Those Who Matter

Thank the key people who made you what you are. Prepare a list of first five persons who you think made you what you are, inform them and thank them. I am sure, you will not only have great pleasure and relaxation, but also a feeling you never experienced. Now you know where to go for your problems.

Message On Valentine's Day

Interesting Message on Valentine's Day: I want to love so many people simultaneously and unconditionally... but I cannot do with each and everyone that come across. To the extent, I start hating some only on my impression after seeing someone.


Love - As portrayed by J. Krishnamurti in 'Freedom From The Known' Adoring someone, sleeping with someone, the emotional exchange or the companionship. Is that what we mean by love? Can love be divided in the sacred or the profane, the human or the divine or there is only love?

Love And Life

George Carlin (Age 102) has this to say about LOVE and LIFE: Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity. The only person who is with us our entire life is oneself. Love thyself the most. Surround yourself with people you love. Keep only cheerful friends. Laugh often, long and loudly. Enjoy simple things.

Sunday Diary - Jan 10, 2010

If a husband competes with his wife, it is quite possible, he’d win. But if a father competes a mother in reference to love, emotions, feelings of her to her offsprings, it is impossible to win.

Sunday Diary - Jan 3, 2010

One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat one at politeness. -Josh Billings  Are you really in love ? You are in love when you would rather not live life without the other person; when he or she is the first that springs to your mind in happiness or grief. 

Ignoring And Accepting Over Hating

To hate someone is easy. To abuse someone is even easier. To insult someone is the easiest. How to manage it? I am not talking about power of mind, personality development, positive thinking, yoga or many other such things. It can be read or heard elsewhere. I am describing my present thought-cycle. Why not love? Why not ignore? Or why not accept the individual in one's original form? If reacting is inevitable, be brief.