I'm Bharat, a blogger from India.

When I started writing on my blog, I used to ask myself if I should write at all. If yes, why? I write for myself. This may sound egoistic but it is self-explanatory as well. Because I want freedom from my thought cycle, I get mental catharsis by just writing out whatever it is. While having some serious events with myself, say the death of my mother first and then father, writing down made a record of my emotions at a given time which I’m never going to repeat. I do write for my daughter, my son and their friends. I want to tell my experiences and let them know about me. I have done this in Life At 60 article series – my mini-autobiography, telling all about me. I want to summarize what I have read. My book reviews are one example. I can re-read the book and memorize the same after reading my own book reviews. I want to be a history teacher. I have read many books on the history of Gujarat, India and the world, I want to tell this as a storyteller to all. Lastly, I want to exhibit my level of high intelligence and prove it to myself, if not to others. The series of 250+ articles prove this for me and makes me a showman of the types I want to be.

I Write About

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Pains And Pleasures Of Ageing

At the age of 71, I am looking back and see my thoughts recorded in the article Life at 60 years back and find out whether all I said then continues to be true even today. I am happy to say my conclusions proved to be true. In one of them, I wrote 'I can proudly tell myself I can rely on my offspring for whatever I need - a great satisfaction any parent can have.' In the other sentence, I wrote 'my pillars of living are my wife Dr Bhavna, daughter Vaishali and son Rahul.' Yes, the same truth prevails. I concluded the article stating 'I am happy. I have no regrets. I am ready to face whatever situation arises and do what I think right at that moment.' Well, certainly 'all is well!' 

I said at 60 and continue to believe the same at 70+ that, 'I am sure I have no expectation whatsoever before, during and after my death.' Once this mental attitude is reached, I think all the spirituality one needs is at the maximum. One needs not be a 'Sanyaasi' and go to the forest in the last phase of life 'Sanyashashram' to be said after 75. Live happily enjoying the leisure and pleasures of the social life. You might be wondering about the title 'Pains and Pleasures' and wondering about the study around. Let us start.


At old age, loss of memory is a great threat to remain normal in relations. You forget names, events and many things around and you find it difficult to recollect. To stop total loss of memory, Alzheimer's disease, interest in the surrounding with love for all-around will make you remember the names. You do not forget the names of your family members, just the same way interest and love for people around will make you remember their minute details including name. Loss of hearing, vision and other illnesses are bound to come, but the loss of memory can be prevented. Aloofness and withdrawal from social life are dangerous and can make your life difficult to live. Maybe others are not interested in you as an old person – but you can continue being interested in them.

Anxiety, Fear and Worries

With seniority and retirement, you have a great amount of free time available not only during the day but also during the night, because sleep hours are also reduced. Now anxiety, fear and worry about yourself, your close-ones and trivial matters overpower the mind. You keep worrying about everything. Sometimes the fear of being beaten or killed by unknown people wakes you up from sleep! A mind without creative activity and loneliness initiates such a thought process. Keeping one busy with reading, writing, watching TV and movies, listening to music and being in conversations with friends and family members seem to stop, or at least reduce such mental stress.


Disrespecting and ignoring one’s existence by others around lead to feelings of uselessness, in turn leading to sadness and depression. Biphasic variation of mood from being excited to the highest to feeling sad all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever is a natural phenomenon more prevalent in ageing persons. Even with all the positivity and everything at the back of my mind, depression with low mood and sadness appears off and on. The only way out formula is awareness and dealing mood variation by some activity, being accompanied by friends and family and having a dialogue. Awareness and good company can make mood elevation easy and fast. Let us try.

Dissatisfaction About Savings Elevation

Whatever big amount one has earned and saved, they feel to have earned less money during lifetime. Seeing the much bigger amount earned by the present generation, higher cost of day to day life and insecurity of needful money makes one feel unhappy, comparing and sorry. Avoid this. Live your life according to the money you have or, let us say, simple life does not cost much. Even illness can be managed properly at government hospitals free of charge.

Well, do not get carried away hearing all about pains – there are a lot many pleasures to talk of about ageing.

Freedom from Earning

Retirement of compulsion in service and voluntary retirement from private business make one free from hassles and stress of job, duty or business. You have no responsibility to work and earn. This makes you a free bird flying all around and enjoying life.

Freedom of Timetable

You do not have to follow a strict regime of timetable. You can enjoy long sleeping hours, eating at the desired time and wandering in your mood. Well, this is the great luxury of no timetable life. Discipline in exercise and diet can not be better observed, but even both of them are optional. Good health is necessary for a smooth and happy life, but exercise and diet control do not guarantee perfect health at least with ageing.

Free Time Round the Clock

This can be understood better by Mumbaites who have to wander in crowded traffic and work for 10-12-14 hours a day. They leave home in the early morning and reach home at late night. Ageing persons have the luxury of free time for 24 hours a day! This makes them develop a hobby of reading, writing, playing games, travelling abroad and inland and learning whatever they desire. Making oneself busy enjoying all that one has missed during young age is better started soon before it becomes difficult or impossible to do.

Membership at laughing club, senior citizens club, ladies club, Lions, Rotary, Giants - like social service clubs, caste organisation and such meeting places are better tried and if the tuning with activities there and pleasure is gained better continued. If your nature does not permit such membership, better avoid any associations with them. Short and long travels, daily evening meetings, frequent visits to drama, movies and cultural programmes are worth trying.


There can not be any universal formula that guides everyone equally. One has to find out their own way of living with ease and pleasure and follow this. In Japan, they use the word 'Ikigai' to explain the purpose of life. One should find out their own reasoning to search own passion and talents for a long and happy life.

They say - stay active, be slow, surround yourself well. Let me say - good friends, smile, reconnect with nature and give thanks.
  1. I shall live a happy life. I will manage to get rid of anything that distracts the goal of happiness. I will keep such persons and activities away.
  2. I will keep busy living a social life full of reading, writing, talking and being with like-minded people around.
Do tell me what you think!

Why Elderly People Don't Spend

This is the story of senior citizens, say, old-aged people, above the age of 60 and their habit of minimum spending or not spending at all. They want to save a big amount of money till the last day of their lives and make a big heap of money to be left behind. Before I discuss the details, let me give you certain real-life examples without their names. Yes, all of these are true stories of senior citizens.

સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ માટે નિબંધ સ્પર્ધા

સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ માટે નિબંધ સ્પર્ધા 

વિષય: મારી આત્મકથા

  • 60થી વધારે ઉંમરના કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિ ભાગ લઈ શકશે.
  • લીટીવાળા ચાર (04) ફૂલસ્કેપ કાગળમાં (બાળપણ - અભ્યાસ - વ્યવસાય - સમાજજીવન - પોતાના અનુભવો અને સલાહના મુદ્દા પર) પોતાની આત્મકથા ગુજરાતીમાં લખવી.
  • પોતાનું નામ, સરનામું અને મોબાઈલ નંબર જણાવવા.
  • સ્પર્ધા નિઃશુલ્ક (મફત) છે. યોગ્ય નિર્ણાયકો દ્વારા તપાસી ત્રણ (03) ઈનામો સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ ક્લબ, બીલીમોરાની મે/જૂનની સભામાં આમંત્રી અપાશે. 

My 2018 Accounts (On Life)

Over time, I have learnt and practised being accountable and better-organised in day to day life. That makes me disciplined and presentable with honour – any time and every time. I maintain day to day diary for the last seven years recording all the events and emotions. Reading the contents of the 2018 year diary inspired me to write the statement of account presenting activities of 365 days of the year.

Daily Routine
  • I consider my day starting at night, 9.30 PM, when I go to bed. I get up around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. That’s when I do my reading and writing work until I fall asleep again. That gives me more than 2 to 3 hours of study every night.
  • I do clinical practice as an ophthalmologist between 9.30 AM to 1:00 PM in the morning and 4.30 to 7:00 PM in the evening. Yes, after lunch, between 1.30 to 4:00 PM there is a compulsory sleep, the classic after siesta, for about two hours.
  • Morning hours, between 7:00 to 9.30 AM are “no work” time, spent in getting ready, reading newspapers and having tea-breakfast. How much time should one give for newspapers, I often wonder.
  • I spend 7:00 to 9:30 PM in front of the television – watching entertainment serials and news.

Reading and Writing
  • My only hobby – I can boast of – is reading and writing. I keep on reading the books, make short notes and then present the book-review as an article on my blog. Learning to Say No, India Vs Pakistan – Why Are We Not Friends, Morarji Desai, History of Jammu and Kashmir, Lord Shiva, Parvati, Karthikey and Ganapati, are some of the well-received book reviews.
  • I do study and analysis by myself to publish research results - Status of Senior Citizens and Accidental Marriage of a Daughter are such presentations.
  • I have written tour diary following a visit to Kankaria Festival, Ahmedabad and visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra.
  • I was felicitated as an achiever at Centenary Celebration of my high school, D.C.O., Killa Pardi – the article following that event describes my high school life 50 years back.
  • I have written 215 articles so far and my son Rahul presented them with pictures at “blog.drbharatdesai.com.” More than 300,000 visitors all over the world have read them and a few of them sent responses. One of my readers, Nirali Desai from Ahmedabad, was inspired to prepare an illustrative work on Anavils, after reading my blog article on the subject. This year 15 such articles were published.
  • In addition to being a life patron at J. B. Petit Library, Bilimora and Sayaji Vaibhav Library, Navsari, I have my own treasure of books. When I decide to buy a book, my son Rahul orders it online and purchases the said book.
  • During 2018, I have read and re-read books on Mahabharat, Bhagavad-Gita and Ramayana. I have prepared a summary of them to be published for eager readers.
The Book I Like (ભારત વિ. પાકિસ્તાન: આપણે મિત્રો કેમ નથી?)
  • Guzder Library, Gandevi team comprising of Prin. Ashvinbhai Patel, President Thakorbhai Naik, Secretary Jayantibhai Mistry and Vice President Jyotiben Desai have been organizing lectures on the book-review every month on second Saturday at 4.30 PM for the last 52 months. I have joined them for more than two years by now. Dr Pravinbhai Gilitwala, Dr Naliniben Gilitwala, Piyushbhai Dharaiya and I have formed a four-person team. We attended six meetings last year. The orator speaks on one book for about an hour and later there is discussion. I enjoy these events. I write my feedback to them. This has given me friends like Jay Vashi, Dipak Desai, Chhayaben, Jasubhai Naik and Hetalben. The 50th episode of this series was unique - Desai Musical Orchestra presented their book review with film songs.
  • The residential society we stay at is 30+ years old and nearly 70 families have been staying from the beginning. We meet nine nights during Navratri and Dussehra is celebrated with dinner of the 150-170 residents, more than 70 participate regularly. This year also we had 10 days gathering at early night with Ras-Garba. We come to learn more and more about one another every year.
  • In the North-West corner of Jalnagar Society, 11 eleven houses and ~40 residents have made a unique family, meeting regularly on our terrace. Either we eat Khichdi-Kadhi, Ubadiya-Jalebi, Ragada-Patties, Pav-Bhaji or anything like that prepared by ourselves. Ketan-Kamal and Mehul are the key members volunteering their services and managing the whole show.
  • This year, three of our members passed away and we were together with their family all throughout, till the last rites are performed. While making them feel comfortable and eat, we eat together and stay with them - a rarely seen togetherness is seen here.
  • We celebrated 90th birthday of Sharda-Ba on 27-Jul-2018. Our family also gathered to say good-bye to Shiv Vashi going to Canada for higher education. We blessed him on 03-Aug-2018.
Medical Meetings
  • I have attended a dozen of clinical meetings organized by Indian Medical Association (IMA) Bilimora. During such meetings, I get the fellowship of the friends around and increase in the general medical knowledge. I just do not go for the dinner offered. We also have the South Gujarat Ophthalmic Association and Valsad Area Eye Surgeon Group. I had four-to-five occasions to attend them.
Senior Citizens’ Club
  • Being of 60+ age, I have joined Bilimora Senior Citizens’ Club and was selected as Vice President. I take an active part in their deliberations. I have organised lectures of Sureshbhai Desai, Navsari on old-age and Dr Radha Mehta, Navsari on psychological problems of old-age. I have attended six general meetings and seven board meetings.
  • I have been active in South Gujarat Senior Citizen Society too. I attended their quarterly meeting at Navsari with Dr Bhavana. I was the key person in holding their Bilimora meeting.
  • Old-age people behave differently compared to young-age and children. I find a nice time with new friends.
  • Dr Bhavana and I have watched 21 movies in the cinema house this year! It felt like having seen one movie a week, but I was wrong.
  • We have a group of nine people, Dr Gilitwala couple, Dr Vijaybhai Desai couple, Anilbhai Desai couple and we two making eight with Prof Minu Desai, the ninth. Dr Bhavana usually contacts all of them and I bring tickets from advance booking.
  • Bilimora has only one cinema house (multiplex) and two screens showing two movies simultaneously. The audience is a big problem. Many times, even 10 patrons do not come and the show has to be cancelled. We do not face this problem nowadays because of our own group.
  • We saw many Gujarati movies as well this year, including Chal Man Jitva Jayaye, Chitkar, Reva, Shu Thayu, Swayamwar and Sharat Lagu. Nowadays they are comparable or even better than Hindi ones. On Bhavana’s birthday, we invited 14 people to see Sharato Lagu Gujarati movie and it was a great, unusual birthday celebration.
  • Every movie we go for many not be good! Actually, the pleasure and enjoyment gained during the movie depend on one’s own mood and company. I take the liberty to sleep off and on during the movie. All in all, this is one of our important pass-time activities.

I find happiness in planning an event and executing it as a key person or maybe the only person.
  1. Lecture from Dr Pradip Patel, Spandan, Chikhli at Vansada on diabetes with free diabetes check-up was the first event. Lions Club Bilimora Yugma and President Ln. Shankarbhai Patel decided for this and the lecture was organized on 07-Jan-2018.
  2. Lunch Event at Old-age Home, Gandevi: on 03-Apr-2018 we organised a lunch at old-age home with gifting each resident a set of bed sheets, pillow cover and blanket, a donation on the demise of mother-in-law Dr Indumati K Desai. My wife Bhavana, her sister Sandhyaben and elder brother Rohitbhai arranged this. About 60 people including the family members, old-age home residents and friends were present.
  3. Eye Camp in Jun-2018: Dr Darshana Naik and I organised an eye camp for three days on 15, 16 and 17-Jun-2018. The patients were examined at my hospital in the morning and Jyoti Care in the evening. The income was saved for social activity.
  4. Orphanage Event on 17-Aug-2018: The principal of the orphanage informed us that the students were not interested in the study. So, to motivate them, we arranged a lecture – dialogue with Jay Vashi. As per the students’ wish, we arranged to serve pizza for dinner. The orphan children, ladies there, staff and Lions Club members made a total of 100 to enjoy the event with. Prerana Group of Chikhli with Dr Sharad Patel, Jayesh Desai and Dharmesh Kapadia helped there. We gifted a Spherehot geyser (Rs. 16000) for the use of the people at the orphanage. Dr Darshana and I contributed for the dinner.
  5. Aspee Kanya Vidyalaya, Antalia: A) Lecture from Dr Ami Yagnik, Surat on ‘Reusable Sanitary Pads and Female Genital Trac’ (on 20-Sep-2018). B) Lecture from Dr Ami Yagnik, Surat on ‘Basic Life Support and Life Skills’. Above two events gave very useful information to nearly 1200 girls on their genital functions and how to help during person-in-emergency. Our friend, Campus Director Prin. Jayshree Desai was ready to help. C) Story Telling competition on 06-Dec-2018.
  6. No to Crackers Movement on 03-Nov-2018: I wanted to do some social work and ‘noise pollution due to firecrackers during Diwali’ was the project. I prepared a leaflet to be placed in the newspapers, an information chart in the news handbills and advertised this information via Facebook and WhatsApp.
Second Life
  • I had faced a major car accident on 06-Apr-2018 at Kailas Road, Valsad. I was alone in the car and the accident caused the car to turn upside down with breaking of glasses and complete damage of the car-body including the roof. The damage was so bad that the entire body had to be replaced and the car had to be practically rebuilt. I had no injury whatsoever, because of the seatbelt I had applied. Anything could have happened, but then I believe ‘God is Great’! I had faced a similar accident in 1999 at Bharuch Golden Bridge, so is it a second life or third? I wonder.
Weddings and Yagnopavit
  • During this year, of all the invitations I received, we could attend fourteen events,
  • Yagnopavit of Devansh (my nephew Deval’s son) at Abrama, Jash (Biren’s son) at Maganwadi, Kadodara and grandson of Prin. Kishor Desai at Anavil Wadi, Gandevi were enjoyable. The wedding celebration of Ronak Ajaybhai also made a great memory to cherish.
  • Every event costs a lot of money and hard work – any debate about their worthlessness are only academic! People go on organizing them and others do not miss to enjoy them.
  • Eating too much is out of the question, but I do enjoy a variety of nice foods. DJ and high-volume orchestra are torturous, but we do see good ones also.
  • Eight birthday celebrations we attended also have the same tale. I do not like cake cutting and playing with cream-paste, but that is my problem.
Death and Condolence
  • 2018 was a year causing the death of six closed ones. The started with the sudden demise of our neighbour Rameshbhai Raval on 18-Jan-2018, later Harendramama passed away on 15-Jul-2018 to be followed by Tarunimami’s death on 13-Sep-2018. Sharda-ba and Mukeshbhai passed away on 05-Sep-2018 and 22-Oct-2018 respectively. Two deaths in the same house in a short period made us feel sorry. Our relative Janak Balvantrai Naik, Kachholi passed away on 06-Aug-2018 of heart problem. We mourned their departure for thirteen days and thereafter we are feeling their absence and loss.
  • I skip attending death funerals, condolence meetings and other rituals of not so close relatives and friends.
Tours and Travel
  • 01-Jan-2018 (Ahmedabad): The year began with a surprise visit to Ahmedabad because our friend Anilbhai Desai repeatedly invited (insisted) us to visit Ahmedabad for Kankaria Festival. The two-day tour had pleasant hospitality by Darshan-Shalu and we had a great time with them. We visited Kankaria Festival and Flower Show at Sabarmati River Front.
  • 22-Feb-2018 (Five days Agra Mathura Tour): Alliance Club International had installation ceremony at Agra. Seven members from Bilimora attended this event. Bhavana wanted to experience the journey by Rajdhani Train travel. She wanted to experience water, tea, breakfast, dinner and ice cream served. Earlier, it used to be offered to all. Nowadays you have to pay extra for this facility. We visited Fatehpur Sikri’s 174 ft. high “Buland Darvaja” – fort and palace inside, then we saw the Taj Mahal - the wonder of the world and lastly, we visited Mathura Temple with Gokul and Vrindavan. We stayed at Clarks Shiraz, one of the most premium and luxury hotels in Agra.
  • 07-Apr-2018 (Poicha - Rajpipla Tour): 17 tourists, mostly senior citizens, excluding Nidhi and Aarna visited Poicha for a night stay. There is a big temple on the riverbank of Narmada. We saw a big garden with multiple presentations of Ramayana – Mahabharat, a big statue of Lord Krishna, Mirror Museum and what not. There is a big temple, Kuber Bhandari, 100+ steps high on the other side of the river Narmada. Many visit this templet every last day of the Hindu calendar month to be rich! We did see Rajpipla with temple and palaces.
  • 18 to 22-Sep-2018 (Goa): Bhavana and six ladies went to Goa for the four-day ladies-only tour.
  • Pune – Mumbai: Our permanent tourist destinations are Pune and Mumbai because RahulShivani and Vaishali stay there.

All said and done, how do I see the year 2018?
Of 365 days I had, I have done enough clinical practice, reading and writing plus socialising in weddings, birthdays and tours. I want to plan the year that follows in a way, I can do more clinical social services.
I am happy the year passed gave me multiple occasions to do the activity that pleases me or, let us say, makes me happy - be it a tour, attending any event or a meeting.
I know, I am what I am because of my wife Dr Bhavana, family members Vaishali, Rahul and Shivani, friends around and last but not the least Jalnagarians!

Our Old Age Home Stay Experience

We planned a week’s visit to an old-age home in Lonavala, in a group of ten from Bilimora between 7 and 14-Mar-2019. Dr. Pravin Gilitwala led the team and organised because he had been there numerous times. Dr. Bhavana Desai (my wife) and I were little uncertain about the venue and timetable there but agreed just to have a new experience altogether. To our surprise, everything turned out to be better than all we thought. We had a great time all in all!

Kapol Sanatorium, Lonavala

Just by the old Mumbai-Pune highway is situated this old-age home for fixed one week stay. Only old-age people above 60 years are invited to stay for a week starting every Thursday and ending the next Thursday, in a total number of hundred. There are AC and non-AC rooms available for fixed one week, at different rates. These are twin-sharing rooms charged at is Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 12,000 per week, based on individual preferences. The rooms are like single bedroom apartments with four beds, dining table and kitchen having LPG gas connection and utensils for cooking, serving and eating. The bathroom and lavatory were separate, with the well-set bathroom having hot-cold water and shower (and also the western type commode aptly preferred by the elderly). The television or music systems were purposefully excluded. There is an intercom telephone connecting every room to the office, room service and other rooms. The housekeeping staff clean the room and utensils and also wash clothes every day.

વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની આરસી

થોડા વખત પહેલાં મેં “વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની સમસ્યાઓ” નામનું ડો. હિતેશકુમાર એન. પટેલ લિખિત સંશોધનાત્મક પુસ્તક વાંચ્યું. એ પુસ્તકમાં લેખકે જીવનના વિવિધ વિભાગો જેવા કે માનસિક સ્થિતિ, આર્થિક બાબતો, સામાજિક બાબતો, આરોગ્ય અને સમય પસાર કરવાની સમસ્યાઓ વિષયક પરિસ્થિતિનો અભ્યાસ કર્યો. તે ઉપરાંત આ વિષયમાં બીજા સંશોધનો સાથે સરખામણી કરી. તેમાંથી પ્રેરણા લઈ મેં બીલીમોરાના વૃદ્ધોની ખરેખર સ્થિતિનો અભ્યાસ કરવા વિચાર્યું અને તેના અભ્યાસના ફળ સ્વરૂપે આ લેખ લખ્યો છે.

પહેલાં મેં પ્રશ્નોત્તરી તૈયાર કરી - તેમાં મુખ્યત્વે વૃદ્ધોની વ્યક્તિગત માહિતી લીધા પછી તેમની માનસિક સ્થિતિ, આરોગ્ય અને આર્થિક બાબતોને લગતા સવાલો પૂછયા. ત્રણ પૃષ્ઠોની આ પ્રશ્નોત્તરીમાં શક્ય જવાબો પણ મૂકીને ફક્ત ખરું પાડીને (ટીક માર્ક) જવાબ આપવા સૂચવ્યું. ઉપલબ્ધ માહિતીના આધારે તેનો સાર અહીં રજૂ કરું છું. આશા છે આપને ખરેખર બીલીમોરામાં વસતા વૃદ્ધોની વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની આરસી જોવા મળશે.

Diabetes Awareness Session (Free Entry)

Did you know, diabetes is a leading cause of blindness in adults?

Inviting residents in and around Bilimora town, to an awareness session on diabetes.

Event details:
  1. Know and understand diabetes
  2. Diet for those having diabetes
  3. Exercises recommended
Speaker: Dr. Pradeepbhai Patel & Diabetes Team (Spandan Hospital, Chikhali)

Entry fees: FREE

ઢળતી ઉંમરે તન-મનની માવજત

ઢળત્તી ઉમરે તન-મનના માવજત. (૨૦૧૬)

લેખક: પ્રો. ગણેશભાઈ કે. પટેલ
પુરત્તક પરિચય: ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર એમ. દેસાઈ

પુરત્તક પરિચય આપનાર પાસે વાચક પુસ્તક કેવું છે, કયા વિષયની છણાવટ કરેલી છે, લેખક કોણ છે, જેવી માહિતીની અપેક્ષા રાખે છે. ઉપરાંત પુસ્તક કાગળ, છાપકામ, જોડણી અને ચિત્રોથી સજાવેલ છે કે કેમ તે પણ જાણવા ઈચ્છે છે.

Problems Of Old Age

I recently conducted a social study of the status and condition of old-aged people and the old-age homes in Gujarat. This is a combination of the outcome of the study and the book review of a Gujarati book “Vrudhdhata Ni Samasya” by Dr Hiteshkumar N. Patel.

Thought For Sunday

Check whether you have any one of the following:

  1. You have stopped long walks, though you are not physically unfit.
  2. You have started eating more than you were eating for last few years.
  3. You have stopped learning new things and studying.
  4. You have started counting your assets and bank deposits.
  5. You have accepted and started liking your obesity and big abdomen.

If any one of above is "YES", you are mentally an OLD-PERSON needing mental care or your end is imminent.

At 60 And After

At 60 and after...
  1. Even the not-so-young people around start addressing you as Uncle/Auntie.
  2. You start receiving less greeting cards on new year, birthday, wedding anniversary.
  3. You start earning less in case of professionals and start getting pensions if retired from such a job.
  4. One starts counting balances and investments that can give returns.
  5. Diseases of old-age like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, amnesia start showing their power. Certain serious illnesses like cancer, paralysis and heart problems start troubling.
  6. You start receiving concessions in railway ticket, state transport fare and air tickets.
  7. Younger people may start offering a seat at public places out of respect or pity. You may be allowed to go ahead in 'Q's and if needed they may support you.
  8. You start feeling a new phase of life has begun, where you have to start compromising and adjusting in place of ruling and dominating as in the past.
  9. Senior citizen clubs and old-age homes start waiting for your welcome.
  10. Evening meetings of elderly at temples, garden and railway stations await, honouring them with your regular presence to share your pleasures and sorrows.
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