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Pains And Pleasures Of Ageing

At the age of 71, I am looking back and see my thoughts recorded in the article Life at 60  years back and find out whether all I said then continues to be true even today. I am happy to say my conclusions proved to be true. In one of them, I wrote 'I can proudly tell myself I can rely on my offspring for whatever I need - a great satisfaction any parent can have.' In the other sentence, I wrote 'my pillars of living are my wife Dr Bhavna, daughter Vaishali and son Rahul .' Yes, the same truth prevails. I concluded the article stating 'I am happy. I have no regrets. I am ready to face whatever situation arises and do what I think right at that moment.' Well, certainly 'all is well!'  I said at 60 and continue to believe the same at 70+ that, 'I am sure I have no expectation whatsoever before, during and after my death.' Once this mental attitude is reached, I think all the spirituality one needs is at the maximum. One needs not be a 'Sanyaas

Why Elderly People Don't Spend

This is the story of senior citizens, say, old-aged people, above the age of 60 and their habit of minimum spending or not spending at all. They want to save a big amount of money till the last day of their lives and make a big heap of money to be left behind. Before I discuss the details, let me give you certain real-life examples without their names. Yes, all of these are true stories of senior citizens.

સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ માટે નિબંધ સ્પર્ધા

સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ માટે નિબંધ સ્પર્ધા  વિષય: મારી આત્મકથા 60થી વધારે ઉંમરના કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિ ભાગ લઈ શકશે. લીટીવાળા ચાર (04) ફૂલસ્કેપ કાગળમાં (બાળપણ - અભ્યાસ - વ્યવસાય - સમાજજીવન - પોતાના અનુભવો અને સલાહના મુદ્દા પર) પોતાની આત્મકથા ગુજરાતીમાં લખવી. પોતાનું નામ, સરનામું અને મોબાઈલ નંબર જણાવવા. સ્પર્ધા નિઃશુલ્ક (મફત) છે. યોગ્ય નિર્ણાયકો દ્વારા તપાસી ત્રણ (03) ઈનામો સિનિયર સિટીઝન્સ ક્લબ, બીલીમોરાની મે/જૂનની સભામાં આમંત્રી અપાશે. 

My 2018 Accounts (On Life)

Over time, I have learnt and practised being accountable and better-organised in day to day life. That makes me disciplined and presentable with honour – any time and every time. I maintain day to day diary for the last seven years recording all the events and emotions. Reading the contents of the 2018 year diary inspired me to write the statement of account presenting activities of 365 days of the year. Daily Routine I consider my day starting at night, 9.30 PM, when I go to bed. I get up around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. That’s when I do my reading and writing work until I fall asleep again. That gives me more than 2 to 3 hours of study every night. I do clinical practice as an ophthalmologist between 9.30 AM to 1:00 PM in the morning and 4.30 to 7:00 PM in the evening. Yes, after lunch, between 1.30 to 4:00 PM there is a compulsory sleep, the classic after siesta, for about two hours. Morning hours, between 7:00 to 9.30 AM are “no work” time, spent in getting ready, reading newspapers

Our Old Age Home Stay Experience

We planned a week’s visit to an old-age home in Lonavala, in a group of ten from Bilimora between 7 and 14-Mar-2019. Dr. Pravin Gilitwala led the team and organised because he had been there numerous times. Dr. Bhavana Desai (my wife) and I were little uncertain about the venue and timetable there but agreed just to have a new experience altogether. To our surprise, everything turned out to be better than all we thought. We had a great time all in all! Kapol Sanatorium, Lonavala Just by the old Mumbai-Pune highway is situated this old-age home for fixed one week stay. Only old-age people above 60 years are invited to stay for a week starting every Thursday and ending the next Thursday, in a total number of hundred. There are AC and non-AC rooms available for fixed one week, at different rates. These are twin-sharing rooms charged at is Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 12,000 per week, based on individual preferences. The rooms are like single bedroom apartments with four beds, dining table and

વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની આરસી

થોડા વખત પહેલાં મેં “વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની સમસ્યાઓ” નામનું ડો. હિતેશકુમાર એન. પટેલ લિખિત સંશોધનાત્મક પુસ્તક વાંચ્યું. એ પુસ્તકમાં લેખકે જીવનના વિવિધ વિભાગો જેવા કે માનસિક સ્થિતિ, આર્થિક બાબતો, સામાજિક બાબતો, આરોગ્ય અને સમય પસાર કરવાની સમસ્યાઓ વિષયક પરિસ્થિતિનો અભ્યાસ કર્યો. તે ઉપરાંત આ વિષયમાં બીજા સંશોધનો સાથે સરખામણી કરી. તેમાંથી પ્રેરણા લઈ મેં બીલીમોરાના વૃદ્ધોની ખરેખર સ્થિતિનો અભ્યાસ કરવા વિચાર્યું અને તેના અભ્યાસના ફળ સ્વરૂપે આ લેખ લખ્યો છે. પહેલાં મેં પ્રશ્નોત્તરી તૈયાર કરી - તેમાં મુખ્યત્વે વૃદ્ધોની વ્યક્તિગત માહિતી લીધા પછી તેમની માનસિક સ્થિતિ, આરોગ્ય અને આર્થિક બાબતોને લગતા સવાલો પૂછયા. ત્રણ પૃષ્ઠોની આ પ્રશ્નોત્તરીમાં શક્ય જવાબો પણ મૂકીને ફક્ત ખરું પાડીને (ટીક માર્ક) જવાબ આપવા સૂચવ્યું. ઉપલબ્ધ માહિતીના આધારે તેનો સાર અહીં રજૂ કરું છું. આશા છે આપને ખરેખર બીલીમોરામાં વસતા વૃદ્ધોની વૃદ્ધાવસ્થાની આરસી જોવા મળશે.

Diabetes Awareness Session (Free Entry)

Did you know, diabetes is a leading cause of blindness in adults? Inviting residents in and around Bilimora town, to an awareness session on diabetes. Event details : Know and understand diabetes Diet for those having diabetes Exercises recommended Speaker:  Dr. Pradeepbhai Patel & Diabetes Team (Spandan Hospital, Chikhali) Entry fees : FREE

ઢળતી ઉંમરે તન-મનની માવજત

ઢળત્તી ઉમરે તન-મનના માવજત. (૨૦૧૬) લેખક: પ્રો. ગણેશભાઈ કે. પટેલ પુરત્તક પરિચય: ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર એમ. દેસાઈ પુરત્તક પરિચય આપનાર પાસે વાચક પુસ્તક કેવું છે, કયા વિષયની છણાવટ કરેલી છે, લેખક કોણ છે, જેવી માહિતીની અપેક્ષા રાખે છે. ઉપરાંત પુસ્તક કાગળ, છાપકામ, જોડણી અને ચિત્રોથી સજાવેલ છે કે કેમ તે પણ જાણવા ઈચ્છે છે.

Problems Of Old Age

I recently conducted a social study of the status and condition of old-aged people and the old-age homes in Gujarat. This is a combination of the outcome of the study and the book review of a Gujarati book “ Vrudhdhata Ni Samasya ” by Dr Hiteshkumar N. Patel.

Thought For Sunday

Check whether you have any one of the following: You have stopped long walks, though you are not physically unfit. You have started eating more than you were eating for last few years. You have stopped learning new things and studying. You have started counting your assets and bank deposits. You have accepted and started liking your obesity and big abdomen. If any one of above is "YES", you are mentally an OLD-PERSON needing mental care or your end is imminent.

At 60 And After

At 60 and after... Even the not-so-young people around start addressing you as Uncle/Auntie. You start receiving less greeting cards on new year, birthday, wedding anniversary. You start earning less in case of professionals and start getting pensions if retired from such a job. One starts counting balances and investments that can give returns. Diseases of old-age like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, amnesia start showing their power. Certain serious illnesses like cancer, paralysis and heart problems start troubling. You start receiving concessions in railway ticket, state transport fare and air tickets. Younger people may start offering a seat at public places out of respect or pity. You may be allowed to go ahead in 'Q's and if needed they may support you. You start feeling a new phase of life has begun, where you have to start compromising and adjusting in place of ruling and dominating as in the past. Senior citizen clubs and old-age homes start waiting