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Frustrations Of Expectations On Facebook

As far as you are sharing your views, events and a few of your photos, everything is fair enough and natural. If you are too much eager to ask for so many likes, comments and sharing your presentation, frustration is imminent!

Is Enough Money, Money Enough?

Money. How much is enough? Present time has created an impression that more the money more the happiness. Poverty makes a person inferior in this society, however clever, intelligent, honest and hardworking he or she may be. So, the young generation of the day has clear idea of being rich by earning more and earning at the earliest. So the question arises, how much money is enough money? Before giving the clear cut answer as I am certainly going to do – I would like to tell you the evolution of money.

Social Media Addiction

Addiction Internet users with Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails and what not, very well know the (usefulness and) uselessness of the continuous connectivity and still can not stop the wastage of time in this activity. Just like the addicts of alcohol, smoking and tobacco chewing...

Compulsive Attention To Mobile Notifications

Addiction to be attended to as an emergenc y Beware if you are seeing in your mobile/computer while being with someone talking to you. You are missing a great real moment for virtual reality and showing a great insult to the people around. This is internet addiction needing urgent attention. Real life relationships and persons around are more important than distant imaginary 'virtual' world.

The Gadget Illness

The modern day 'Gadget Illness: Checking Facebook, Emails, Twitter, etc. and Caller IDs of the mobile phone repeatedly, say now and then, is an illness most of the people today have. What do they search every often? It makes them slave of the gadget. Be alert! People doing job or some business are exception in some cases.

Social Networking - An Addiction

Cyberworld & You - Part 1 Social Networking - An Addiction FACEBOOK MYSPACE ORKUT TWITEER HI5 FRIENDSTER BABO ...and so many so called social networking websites.