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Mental Disorders You Must Know

Actually, we suffer from two types of diseases disturbing our life – one is physical – having symptoms of bodily illness and they can be diagnosed and cured easily by doctors, but other is a mental illness which is not recognised properly either by the individual or their doctor! This life-threatening mental illness needs great care and attention. I am introducing them one by one.  First, we must know basic problems.  Now I want to tell you about the symptoms not cleared by routine medical doctors and needing psychiatric help. All these listed here if not relived or recurred now and then, be aware mental illness is certainly present. Symptoms Vomiting – Nausea  Fainting spells – dizziness  Headache – backache  Pain in the chest  Palpitations  Breathlessness  Stomach ulcers and acidity  Stomach loss of appetite  Heaviness after eating  Excessive belching  Weakness  Pain in joints. Arthritis.  Quickening or slowing of the heart  Rise and fall of blood pressure  Asthma  Eczema  Now, let