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Kankaria Carnival, Flower Show And Ahmedabad

25-Dec-2017 onwards, I had talked with my friend Anilbhai Desai on phone two-three times. Every time, he mentioned the worthiness of seeing Kankaria Carnival and invited us. But I was resistant to go. On 30-Dec-2017, while talking with Jayshreeben Desai, she also invited and insisted to visit Ahmedabad. So, my wife Bhavana and I accepted the invitation. In fact, when we need to face young generation people, we avoid out of fear of difference and generation gap. Even visiting close relatives and friends is not that pleasing nowadays, and so we avoid as far as possible. I had sufficiently interacted with Anilbhai's son – Darshan and his wife Shalu, so I could be little courageous to decide for the visit.

Pune Or Bangalore?

Pune or Bangalore?  Even Chhatrapati Shivajirao Bhonsale was confused.

  1. Shivaji Maharaj was born in 1630 at the Shivneri Fort near Pune and stayed there for 10 years with his mother Jijabai. (From Shivneri Fort, his name Shivaji was derived.)
  2. His father Shahaji used to work in Bangalore with Sultan Adilshah of Bijapur.

Shivaji was a strong headed person and did not bow down his head to Sultan. To save him from the punishment, his father Shahaji sent him back from Bangalore to Pune where he became the king.

Long Vacation At Bengaluru

After voluntary retirement as Government Medical Officer, my wife Dr Bhavana (Devyani) wanted to have a vacation and I joined her. The long break of 14 days (2 weeks) was starting on date 9th March 2011 and ending on 23rd March 2011. We planned to stay at Rahul’s (our son) residence at Bangalore and return to Bilimora.

Vacation - is stopping the continuous job/work and retire at some place at leisure. We know vacation is a change of activity and we did that. It is a recess, say a break or temporary cessation of routine work.

Is vacation necessary?


My observations at Brigade Road, M G Road, Church Street, K Kamraj Street and Commercial Street on 15-03-2011 between 4 and 9 PM:
  1. Youth are more than 90%
  2. They wear Jeans-Tshirt and shoes (both sex).
  3. 90% are coupled with opposite sex partner - with hand on the back or other partner's hand.
  4. Males have big forehead, while females have small.
  5. They love to smoke a cigarette.
  6. Most of them are busy talking on mobile.
  7. They would love using credit/debit card more than cash.