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Learning To Say No, When You Usually Say Yes

Great damage is done to you if you say Yes when actually you want to say No . During a lifetime, we come across incidences in the day to day life where a critical situation arises and we wrongly say Yes  instead of No . This is about the analysis of all circumstances telling and teaching us why do we say Yes , how should we say No and most importantly, what are the benefits of telling No . No means no! (Photo source:

Expecations In Virtual World

Activeness on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Blog If you want to be active on all these social media platforms, do so. Do not hesitate. Do express all you want. But... Be prepared for poor or zero response/feedback. The expectation of active communication may lead to frustration... depression.

Expectations From Facebook Friends

Expectations from "Facebook Friends" : Do share your thought-cycles, emotions and events... friends expect that! Do respond to the post you see on your home page by comments and whatever you feel like... That is a must for any friendship! Do send your greetings on birthdays, wedding anniversary and other important events... If you do not feel like posting to someone, he/she is not your friend, better delete that name. Do not share too many quotes, songs or articles; they make the home-page filled with such materials, and important messages get hidden... think over this, it is important. If someone else has opened your Facebook account for you and you are never operating it, better ask the same fellow to delete the account. Your friends may not know about your passivity!