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Buying A Camera? Here's My 2 Cents

Camera is an optical instrument used for photography. We normally hear about, or find the below four types of cameras: Conventional with manual focus and picture-roll. Digital one without roll with most of the functions performed automatically. Video-camera having only video facility, also known as cine-camera and Camera in mobile-phones and hidden detective camera.

Changing Was Never So Easy

Is change really easy ? Let me start with the dictionary meanings of words ‘change’ and ‘easy’. Change [cheynj] –verb To alter To modify Pass from one form to another To do something different Easy [ee-zee] –adjective Not difficult Done or obtained without much effort To move something gently and slowly

The Gadget Illness

The modern day 'Gadget Illness: Checking Facebook, Emails, Twitter, etc. and Caller IDs of the mobile phone repeatedly, say now and then, is an illness most of the people today have. What do they search every often? It makes them slave of the gadget. Be alert! People doing job or some business are exception in some cases.