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Public Lecture on Organ and Body Donation

Agenda: ‘Lecture on Organ Donation and Body Donation’ – by Dr Prafull Shiroya (Lokdrushti Trust, Surat) ‘Problems of a Blind Person & Her/his Development through Modern Technologies’ – by Dipak Raval (National Association for Blind, Navsari) Felicitation of Organ/Body Donors’ Family Members Contact information: Dr Bharatchandra M Desai Desai Eye Hospital , Feeder Road, B/h Bilimora Bus Depot, Bilimora – 396380 Mobile: +91-9924063045 Phone: +91-2634-284620 Venue Details:  Jalaram Mandir Hall, Somnath Sankul, Bilimora - 396321 View Larger Map NOTE: This is an open event. There are no entry charges. Invite your friends to this event via Facebook .

Computer Vision Syndrome: Remediation

Continued from: Computer Vision Syndrome The most typical symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS ) is 'Dry eye'. Most common factors that can cause 'Dry eye' are: Decreased blink rate Lid conditions High gaze angle Low humidity Contaminants in environment Air conditioner vents

Eye Donation F.A.Q.

What is a cornea and how do cornea transplants restore sight? The cornea is a clear dime-sized tissue that covers the front of the eye. If the cornea becomes clouded through disease or injury, vision is impaired and sometimes lost entirely. The only substitute for a human cornea is another human cornea donated at death by someone who thus leaves a living legacy. Who can donate eyes? Almost everyone can donate his or her eyes. Donor tissue that can’t be used for transplant can, with consent, be used for medical education and research purposes.