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How To Develop Mindfulness

Book Review: Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh Part – III How to develop mindfulness  We think that if we can obtain a certain thing, we will be happy. But when we get them, we continue to crave and suffer. Fame, sex, power and wealth are the four kinds of bait that have a hook. If you are motivated by any of the desire, your destiny is suffering. To love each other does not mean we sit and look at each other. It means we look in the same direction. Do not try to be someone else.


Book Review: Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh Part – II  Mindfulness Mindfulness is the energy of attention and capacity to be 100% present to what is happening within and around us, right here and right now. Whatever you do, you do with your whole being. Invest yourself entirely in the here and now, without running away from here and now.

An Interesting Read - The Art of Power

I came across a very nice book this morning by Thich Nhat Hanh  (a Vietnamese Buddhist Zen). I am yet to start reading it. But meanwhile, I would like to share a peek from the book as ‘preview’: “Our society is founded on a very limited dentition of power, namely wealth, professional success, fame, physical strength, military might, and political control. My dear friends, I suggest that there is another kind of power, a greater power: the power to be happy right in the present moment, free from addiction, fear, despair, discrimination, anger, and ignorance. This power is the birthright of every human being, whether celebrated or unknown, rich or poor, strong or week.” -   from The Art of Power