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Computer Vision Syndrome: Remediation

Continued from: Computer Vision Syndrome The most typical symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS ) is 'Dry eye'. Most common factors that can cause 'Dry eye' are: Decreased blink rate Lid conditions High gaze angle Low humidity Contaminants in environment Air conditioner vents

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you use a computer, it’s a reason enough for you to read this article. This is the first article of two-part series on Computer Vision Syndrome. The information is extracted from Dr. Vineet Ratra’s (DNB FRCS) presentation in All India Ophthalmological Conference 2011. Dr. Ratra is Senior Consultant at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. Computer Vision Syndrome ( CVS )

Social Networking - An Addiction

Cyberworld & You - Part 1 Social Networking - An Addiction FACEBOOK MYSPACE ORKUT TWITEER HI5 FRIENDSTER BABO ...and so many so called social networking websites.

Computer and Eye

Use of computer is unavoidable in day to day life of an individual dealing with IT industry and such other professions. It is not a safe thing to go using computer carelessly. Then What? The answer to such questions follows. Our science tells following 10 rules to be taken care of.