Computer and Eye

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Use of computer is unavoidable in day to day life of an individual dealing with IT industry and such other professions. It is not a safe thing to go using computer carelessly. Then What? The answer to such questions follows. Our science tells following 10 rules to be taken care of.
1. Eye to screen distance:
· Keep at least 25" distance(64 cms)from screen, or more if possible.

2. Monitor tilt:
· Keep top of the monitor slightly farther from the eyes than the bottom (30 degree)

3. Screen Colors:
· Use dark letters on a light background.

4. Vertical location:
· Ensure that viewing area of monitor is between 15 to 30 degree below horizontal eye level.

5. Lighting:
· Have ceiling suspended indirect lighting. Use blinds, shades & curtains to control outside light & avoid reflections.

6. Neck posture:
· Always use chair with arms. Head tilt causes less fatigue than head erect posture.

7. Humidity & air flow:
· Avoid direct flow or draft of air on your eyes.
· Avoid low humidity or fumes .

8. Break:
· Take a short visual break every 20 minutes to avoid strain.

9. Exercise:
· Blink your eyes few times.
· Close your eyes & roll your eyes behind closed eyes.
· Take deep breath & open eyes while releasing breath.

10. Ophthalmologist:
· Eye surgeons are eveready to help you .
· They may suggest you necessary treatment you really need, like spects and/or lubricating eye drops.

I can go on adding this & that, but I want to be brief and precise at the same time. I will conclude this dialogue with these closing remarks:

· Keep your computer screen clean.
· Assure it has antiglare coating or use spects having it.
· Do eye relaxing exercise mentioned above with deep breathing.
· Maintain health by doing exercise and diet consciousness.

An ophthalmologist by qualification and profession, Dr. Bharatchandra Desai loves reading about history, religion, and spirituality. He has written about them and also about 'Anavils' at length. Read all articles. ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર દેસાઈના ગુજરાતી લેખો વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


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