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The Tragic Story Of Partition

One of the most important chapters in the Indian history (and equally so for Pakistan) is the partition of the nation in 1947. This article is a review of the book “The Tragic Story Of Partition” by H V Sheshadri.
  • और देश बट गया (Hindi)
  • વિભાજનની કરુણાંતિકા (Gujarati) 
  • Translated in Gujarati by Nalin Pandya, Kishor Makwana and Bhagirath Desai.
  • Pages: 294, Price: Rs. 90.
  • Published by Sadhana Pustaka Prakashan, Ram Nivas, Baliyakaka Marg, Near Juna Dhorbajar, Kankaria, Ahmedabad - 380028