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For Women Lib Ladies

Girls do " Gauri Vrat " to get a good husband. After getting one, they do " Kadava Chouth " and " Vat Savitri Poonam Vrat ". This is customary amongst all. At the same time, boys and later the married men do not follow any such ritual, nor do they do any fasting at all.

Before Saying "Yes" For Marriage

Typically marriages are decided by one of these two methods in our society: Arranged Marriage : Socially accepted and practised method where ‘offer’ for marriage is given by appropriate party and then, marriage is finalized on the basis of match-making. Love Marriage : Recently established way of selecting marriage partner after some contact, friendship and/or attraction because of looks. Here prospective partners for marriage decide themselves marry with or without consent from parents and families.

Vow – A Solemn Religious Promise

A vow is actually a transaction between God and a deity. Here a promise is made by an individual to God at some critical moment. (Gujarati equivalent words are  Baadha  - બાધા,  Akhadi ,  Agad ,  Vrat  - વ્રત) To tell, in other words, it is an oath where divine being is the recipient of the promise. Actually, God is usually understood to be granting some special favour to His devotee in return of some promise made or service offered. The troubled individual persuades God to give what he desires and help him out in time of need and crises. A vow is also a promise to offer something at once to God on getting the expected result.