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Love - As portrayed by J. Krishnamurti in 'Freedom From The Known'

Adoring someone,
sleeping with someone,
the emotional exchange
or the companionship.
Is that what we mean by love?

Can love be divided in
the sacred or the profane,
the human or the divine or
there is only love?
If I say 'I love you ' does that mean that excludes love the other?
Is love personnel or impersonal?
Is love moral or immoral?
Is love family or nonfamily?
Is love sex?
Is love sentiment?
Is love pleasure or desire?

Perhaps you may be able to discover what love is through what it is NOT.

•    Sex: It gives you momentarily total abandonment of yourself – a state of mind without worry, problem, or self. But you love your sex partner till s/he is yours - otherwise not. It is not love.
•    Belonging to one another for desire and pleasure is not love.
•    When you love,  there is neither respect nor disrespect.
•    Love is not past, 'I HAVE LOVED'
     nor future, 'I WILL LOVE'
•    When you love someone with
     all your heart,
     all your mind,
     all your body,
     your entire being,
     you abandon yourself to that love.

•    When there is love, there is no duty and no responsibility.
•    Parents take care of children with responsibility to give them secure position in society. Actually, they should take care of their basic needs only. Just nourishing.
•    When you lose someone, you cry for yourself, because,
     you are lonely,
     you are left,
     you are not powerful.
     It is a self -pity, not love.
•     Sorrow and love cannot go together.

Now the negative list is ready,
Fear, Dependence, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Domination, Self-pity, Duty, Responsibility or Agony of not being loved
…is not love.

Then what is love?

Love is passion
Love is self-abandonment
Love is for everybody
Love is something that is fresh, alive & new
Love is present tense, not yesterday or tomorrow
Love is no sorrow or sorry
Love is doing absolute nothing--not seeking, not wanting, not pursuing, nothing else is LOVE.
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  1. Sorrow and love can not go together!

    What a wonderful thought,I like it!!!

  2. Very true and very clear..
    I just loved it !!


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