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Jainism: Simplified

I am introducing here world spread religion having 5.5 million followers, mainly in India and abroad like USA, UK, Canada, East Africa and many other countries in one of the six greatest religions. Word "Jain" is derived from "Jina" meaning conqueror. "Arihant" is one who has destroyed his inner enemies like anger, greed, passion and ego.

Feelings And Emotions On My 62nd Birthday

As we know, a birthday comes once every year. We are not talking here about many birthdays a year for some secret reasons. And it is a story of the past when nobody was aware or cautious about remembering, greeting or celebrating the birthday and the said day was passing unnoticed just like any other day. Greetings and celebrations are must nowadays for many causes like birth, marriage, inaugurations and getting some award, appreciation success. And so birthday celebrations are a must. I want to talk about ways and time of birthday greetings and emotions that followed.

"Because" In Relations

"Because" in relations... Because you did not attend my wedding, I will not attend yours. Because you did not attend my parents' funeral, I will not attend your parents' funeral. Because you did not give loan when I needed, I won't either. Because you did not invite me in your celebration, I too will not. Because,... Because,..... This accounting and reciprocating equally and accordingly is neither friendship nor family relationship.