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Family, Friends And You

Your Relations/Friends and You ! Every relation has three possible situations: Relation with both Love and Respect Relation, but neither Love nor Respect  Relation with either of the two: Love Or Respect Now whatever one of the above three you find about any given relationship/friendship, the ideal approach is to respond all with love and respect in total. Just try...

Thought For Sunday

Check whether you have any one of the following: You have stopped long walks, though you are not physically unfit. You have started eating more than you were eating for last few years. You have stopped learning new things and studying. You have started counting your assets and bank deposits. You have accepted and started liking your obesity and big abdomen. If any one of above is "YES", you are mentally an OLD-PERSON needing mental care or your end is imminent.

Why Remove Shoes Outside?

I say, do not remove shoes outside the house! People expecting or demanding you to remove the shoes outside their entrance must be sure of a clean and smooth walkable floor, or they should provide an alternative disposable pair of shoes/slippers to the visitor. What do you say?