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The Respect Reciprocation


If someone respects you, you like that.If someone respects you, you reciprocate by respecting him/her. (The person concerned may be good or bad.)
So, it is worth respecting people around, your respect is certainly going to be maintained.

Weddings Two Opposite Styles: Destination Wedding Vs. Elopement

Destination Wedding:

It is a wedding event generally held far away from residences of the would be couple.Here, the wedding is hosted in a location where guests have to travel long to reach the said wedding place... the DESTINATION.Guests are expected to stay long for the event.Places are usually grand like: Palace, Resort, Beach. In India, Goa, Udaipur and some resorts near Mumbai are typically considered. It is one's imagination and choice.

This is a way of getting married... often unexpectedly... without inviting guests to wedding.Usually such weddings are without consent and/or knowledge of the parents.Such weddings when informed to relatives are often a surprise.