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The Respect Reciprocation

Respect : If someone respects you, you like that. If someone respects you, you reciprocate by respecting him/her. (The person concerned may be good or bad.) So, it is worth respecting people around, your respect is certainly going to be maintained.

Weddings In Two Opposite Styles: Destination Wedding Vs. Elopement

Destination Wedding : It is a wedding event generally held far away from residences of the would-be couple. Here, the wedding is hosted in a location where guests have to travel long to reach the said wedding place... the DESTINATION. Guests are expected to stay long for the event. Places are usually grand like Palace, Resort, Beach. In India, Goa, Udaipur and some resorts near Mumbai are typically considered. It is one's imagination and choice. Elopement : This is a way of getting married... often unexpectedly... without inviting guests to the wedding. Usually, such weddings are without consent and/or knowledge of the parents. Such weddings, when informed to relatives, are often a surprise.