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The Sun, The Name

The sun is hot, so provides heat... It's enlightened, so provides light... Gujarati synonyms for the sun are  Suraj (સૂરજ), Bhaskar (ભાસ્કર), Ravi (રવિ )... Here is a coincidence to quote: The father's name was Bhaskar (Sun) till he started the school And the son's name was Ravi (Sun) till he started the school Their parents changed their names in school as Bharatchandra and Rahul , respectively!

Confession on Women's Day

Being a member of the male-dominated culture and having an Anavil inheritance of male-ego, I was wrongly considering myself superior to my wife Dr Bhavana Desai (Devyani). I want to confess, I was wrong.

Before Shirdi, Shivarimal and After Saputara, Shivarimal - Story of a School for Blind Children

We visit Saputara (the only hill station in Gujarat) round the year for pleasure trips. Similarly, the devotees of Sai Baba visit Shirdi frequently. For a change and possibly a better experience, I’d like to suggest you visit Shivarimal (a Free Residential School for Visually Impaired (Blind) and Physically Challenged Children), about 20 km from Saputara and 93 km away from Bilimora on Bilimora-Saputara road. Let me tell you my reasons for details. My close friend Piyushbhai Dharaiya formed a charitable trust in the name of his wife Late Jyotsanaben and decided to donate the interest away, every year. I suggested him to visit Shivarimal School for Blind Children and experience the emotions of blind students. We finally visited this place on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 and the result is this introductory article.