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Death on Desire

Death on desire is also known as “Mercy killing” and ‘Euthanasia’. In Greek language, Eu means good and thanatos means death… Euthanasia meaning good death. It is ending the life when one does not want to live. It is also known as ‘death without suffering’.

Parents And Children On Facebook

Parents and Children on Facebook : If all the concerned are transparent and so open to have any dialogue, if each can talk freely without fear or hesitation, 'friendship on Facebook' is not a problem. Well, all have to be frank and open is a pre-condition or better be away from here, as otherwise also they are!


After crossing primary stage of it, one starts loving and enjoying obesity. Then things are difficult. Only diet control and exercise is the master key to get rid of it. No crash diet course or costly weight loss programme can do magic. One has to decide and act... or complications like high Blood Pressure (B.P.), diabetes, joint pains and heart troubles are ready.

Blindness - All A Seeing Person Must Know

Blindness is a state of being sightless or say an inability to see . World Health Organization - WHO (1972) describes blindness as the inability to count fingers at the distance of 3 meters in day-light after best possible spectacle correction in the better eye OR visual field less than 10° around the centre of fixation. Blindness is of three TYPES: Loss of visual acuity. Colour blindness: Inability to recognize colours, and Night blindness: Night vision is damaged.