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Computer Vision Syndrome

If you use a computer, it’s a reason enough for you to read this article. This is the first article of two-part series on Computer Vision Syndrome. The information is extracted from Dr. Vineet Ratra’s (DNB FRCS) presentation in All India Ophthalmological Conference 2011. Dr. Ratra is Senior Consultant at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. Computer Vision Syndrome ( CVS )

Ideal Wedding Gift

What is the ideal amount to be given with 'blessings' at the time of someone's wedding? 101.. 151.. 251... 501 or more? No amount is OK... Ideal is zero ! Your relationship is priceless... no need of being pseudo-formal.

Message On Valentine's Day

Interesting Message on Valentine's Day: I want to love so many people simultaneously and unconditionally... but I cannot do with each and everyone that come across. To the extent, I start hating some only on my impression after seeing someone.

Facebook Users Grading

Facebook users grading, in my opinion: Expresses one's views on different subjects and responds to friends with comments. Only gives comments to Facebook material by friends. Only clicks like button when likes, but does not tell one's views Opens Facebook and reads, but then silent. Never sees Facebook, someone/oneself has started FB account, that's all!