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Game For Happy Life

Ask yourself. " What do I really want? " Take a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser. Jot down, from your mind, 10 things that you want from your life (things that will make you feel happy). For example, things like: Happiness and peace of mind Being loved and well-being Good health Lots of money Loving spouse/children and their happiness Power and position in job/profession Nice house Lovely holidays Good education Good workplace


My observations at Brigade Road, M G Road, Church Street, K Kamraj Street and Commercial Street on 15-03-2011 between 4 and 9 PM: Youth are more than 90% They wear Jeans-Tshirt and shoes (both sex). 90% are coupled with opposite sex partner - with hand on the back or other partner's hand. Males have big forehead, while females have small. They love to smoke a cigarette. Most of them are busy talking on mobile. They would love using credit/debit card more than cash.

Failure In Professional Life

We do not fail for the want of skill per se. We fail because of our: unconsciousness, permanent unease (restlessness), lack of concentration, and sometimes, lack of interest in the work we do. Then, all one needs for success in whatever one does is:

Computer Vision Syndrome: Remediation

Continued from: Computer Vision Syndrome The most typical symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS ) is 'Dry eye'. Most common factors that can cause 'Dry eye' are: Decreased blink rate Lid conditions High gaze angle Low humidity Contaminants in environment Air conditioner vents