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Vow – A Solemn Religious Promise

A vow is actually a transaction between God and a deity. Here a promise is made by an individual to God at some critical moment. (Gujarati equivalent words are  Baadha  - બાધા,  Akhadi ,  Agad ,  Vrat  - વ્રત) To tell, in other words, it is an oath where divine being is the recipient of the promise. Actually, God is usually understood to be granting some special favour to His devotee in return of some promise made or service offered. The troubled individual persuades God to give what he desires and help him out in time of need and crises. A vow is also a promise to offer something at once to God on getting the expected result.

3 Steps OSHO Meditation Technique

OSHO's 3-step Medication Technique 1. Breathing : 10 minutes Sit in a comfortable relaxed position with back straight at 90 degrees with the base and keep your eyes closed without pressure on lids. Take deep breathing in and do deep breathing out for 10 minutes. Pay attention to breathing only. 2. Total acceptance and non-resistance : 10 minutes While continuing to pay attention to breathing, you hear sounds of birds, children, vehicles and such things around. Just do not get disturbed because of noise, instead, accept them as being natural and accept them without resistance. You will feel a great depth of meditation. 3. Egolessness : 10 minutes Being aware of sounds as accepted and paying attention to breathing, think I am nobody, think I am not anywhere and be egoless. Continue thinking that you are a droplet becoming ocean by falling into the ocean. You will feel united with GOD and feel one with GOD… a desire of many to be so. Do this for half an hour before