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Are Old-age-homes Meant For My Parents?

Or if I may ask, are my parents worth sending and keeping in an old-age-home? The need for time demands more and more old-age-homes to be built. Because: Expense: No problem. Monthly payment amount: No problem. Servants, cook and other staff needed: No problem. Whatever has to be done: No problem!

Pune Or Bangalore?

Pune or Bangalore?   Even Chhatrapati Shivajirao Bhonsale was confused. Shivaji Maharaj was born in 1630 at the Shivneri Fort near Pune and stayed there for 10 years with his mother Jijabai . (From Shivneri Fort, his name Shivaji was derived.) His father Shahaji used to work in Bangalore with Sultan Adilshah of Bijapur. Shivaji was a strong headed person and did not bow down his head to Sultan. To save him from the punishment, his father Shahaji sent him back from Bangalore to Pune where he became the king.

Content Vs. Progressive

Beware ! Content Simplicity Non-violence and Let-go (' tyaagi ') attitude These characters are ideal for anybody. But at the same time, they may make you idle ( not ideal , but idle) and stop your progress.