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Batch Of 1969 Reunion - 2022

Reunion is a relatively newly established word that describes getting together and meeting friends of the same study year, or batchmates. Say 1969 was the admission year for MBBS for 75 students in Government Medical College, Surat. After a long gap of 50 years, we decided to meet again in Surat - a reunion! Dr. Uday R Shah initiated and carried forward the planning four months before. Dr. Jitu, Dr. Shubhash, Dr. Nila and Dr. Pragna made an organizing committee of five with Dr. Uday. They declared 11-Sep-2022, Sunday as the final date to meet and Surat as Venue, so all could plan accordingly. List of Attendees Making a list of all 75 batchmates was a very difficult task. All co-operated nicely and the perseverance of Uday made it a great success. 24 friends have passed away (making up nearly one-third of all), 18+ are abroad (mostly in the US) and 39 are here. Despite all sincere attempts, three could not be traced! They are namely: Damayanti Bhagwan, Manchharamani, and Sudha Kama