Batch Of 1969 Reunion - 2022

September 16, 2022 7 Comments

Reunion is a relatively newly established word that describes getting together and meeting friends of the same study year, or batchmates. Say 1969 was the admission year for MBBS for 75 students in Government Medical College, Surat. After a long gap of 50 years, we decided to meet again in Surat - a reunion!

Dr. Uday R Shah initiated and carried forward the planning four months before. Dr. Jitu, Dr. Shubhash, Dr. Nila and Dr. Pragna made an organizing committee of five with Dr. Uday. They declared 11-Sep-2022, Sunday as the final date to meet and Surat as Venue, so all could plan accordingly.

List of Attendees

Making a list of all 75 batchmates was a very difficult task. All co-operated nicely and the perseverance of Uday made it a great success. 24 friends have passed away (making up nearly one-third of all), 18+ are abroad (mostly in the US) and 39 are here. Despite all sincere attempts, three could not be traced! They are namely: Damayanti Bhagwan, Manchharamani, and Sudha Kamath. I was instrumental in starting the list with my 13 friends from Valsad and was searching for Manjula Modi and Prafull More. 

On the 11-Sep-2022, Sunday meeting at De Villa Garden Restaurant, Surat, 37 members attended the gathering, some with their spouses making a total of 54. 

Emotions of Excitement

Emotions of excitement were at their peak. Nearly all attended traveling long distances from Akola-Pune in Maharashtra, and Vadodara-Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Actually, at 70+ age, we were curious to meet our batchmates to know about their well-being. Yes, our desire to compare ourselves with others was no less! We wanted to see how young and slim my friends remained. Ultimately, we were satisfied seeing all nearly the same. In a situation where we do not visit our neighbors, meeting these many friends together was simply a great pleasure. Elderliness teaches us to love all and when they are friends of childhood, things are surely better! Actually, we could renew our bond of relationship. This created a new desire to meet more frequently. Thank you, Uday, again and again. While meeting old friends, no formality is expected. So just seeing, meeting, and being together brings happiness and emotions of great feeling one cannot describe! Seeing only is believing.


At 10:30 in the morning, we all gathered and sat in a U-shaped seating arrangement. Dr. Uday Shah and the organizing team welcomed all of us. The guest of honor Dr. Y B Mehta (83), our Physiology teacher, inaugurated the function by lighting a lamp and giving a short speech. Then we introduced ourselves one by one. The most important job was to have a group photo. The event was over with lunch and fellowship at 2:00 pm.

Our Medical Practice

More than 50% of us are family physicians doing general practice. Of the 'specialists', Gynaecologists and Physicians top the list. Few are Anaesthetists, General Surgeons, and Industrial Health Specialists. Radiologists, Psychiatrists, Preventive Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Ophthalmologists are on a single digit of being one each . Interestingly, none of us became ENT specialists.

Marital Status

Of 75, three opted to remain unmarried, while six made three couples from the batchmates studying together! Yes, only one thought it prudent to have a divorce, but he got married again. Well, all others appear to be 'happily' married for around 50 years.

Valsad Group

My wife Dr. Bhavana Desai, better known as "Devyani" to her Valsad friends was super excited to meet her Valsad Primary school friend Rita and high school friends Alka, Vasudha, and Purnima. Vasudha being abroad in the US could not come, so all four friends were happy to meet and share their rarely available quality time. We can see their pleasure in a photo holding hands! She definitely missed her one friend Vasudha.

We were 13 from Valsad to get admission to Government Medical College, Surat. I am happy to say, Bhaskar, Lakshman, G P, and Mongho are fast friends and meet frequently till today sharing our pains and pleasures together. Because of the sad demise, we lost Nagarbhai and Chhotu. Vasudha Naik and Manjula Modi were absent being abroad, but all of us will meet next December for sure! Alka, Purnima, and Prafull were present to relive the past Valsad and Surat days. 

Statement of Accounts

We could see and meet our 37 precious childhood friends. We could just relive our old days again. We talked without a subject at times but could talk full of positive emotions and vibes. We could revive and find our friendship. Emotions of love, respect, and friendship show all-time great heights. With all these, I could make a new friend Dr. Viren Shah (our Ahmedabad colleague and husband of Dr. Shakuntala Patel). Meeting with friends staying nearby Sumant and Ashwin is no less a luxury. Before the meeting, we were meeting regularly and had a dialogue with Dr. Mahesh Patel, Hanif Lakdawala, and Ajit Borasia. Well, it was a rare day to find one! Thank you very much, Uday, Nila, Jitu, Shubhash, and Pragna for everything. Uday, only you can do this.

Shall we meet again? Why not?

Let us keep meeting and just chatting with friends of this group. A directory will be of help.

An ophthalmologist by qualification and profession, Dr. Bharatchandra Desai loves reading about history, religion, and spirituality. He has written about them and also about 'Anavils' at length. Read all articles. ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર દેસાઈના ગુજરાતી લેખો વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


  1. Well Expressed
    I remember very well that I called you first and your positive response and hole hearted support with all member's generous support and presence made it memorable. Thank you and all my colleagues to make it possible.
    I definitely will try to plan with our entire BATCHMATES.
    With love

    1. Thank you dear Uday for responding first. Certainly it will be a nice memory for ever. Bharat.

  2. Thank u very much Bharatbhai for your deep concern and friendliness.U r a very good author. Keep it up. God bless u!

    - Dr. Vasudha Naik

    1. I am happy receiving your response.Thanks for nice words.

  3. Dr. Narendra GajjarMonday, 27 February, 2023

    What a nice description of the meeting. It seems that we are not there present but we got know how of each and every smallest matter and information.

    This is worth exemplifying.
    Meeting friends after 50 yrs is the most memorable event . Searching every one , remembering missing ones and sharing pleasant events of the time passed together are really wonderful things.

    Diary writing is a good hobby and habit.

    What is more important is regularity , simplicity and narration which when read in future would remind glorious time elapsed.

    My friend Vasudev Raval, ex-GS of BJMC ,ex HOD PSM BJMC also writes with his superb originality and frankness.

    Shakuntala ben ऊरफे Shakuben was working in MP Shah Cancer Institute as resident if I am not mistaken .
    Any way 👌😄

    1. I am highly impressed by the analysis of my article. Thank you, Narendrabhai. Bharat Desai

  4. Appreciate the writing of Bharatbhai, it took me in flash back how we work hard to manage our meeting, directory menu for lunch etc Thanks again B M Desai for putting it


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