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At The End Of The Day... Life.

Few Sparks of Today’s Ideas

At the end of day, one may find out that all I did to get success, fame, friendship, relations and all such activities has nothing to do with my own self, me. And surprisingly one comes to conclusion, all these were trivial activities with no meaning whatsoever. I was wandering behind nothingness. Well, all that analysis of life at sixty or so gives wonderful surprises.

LIVE TODAY. LIVE RESPONSIBLY. LIVE as YOU please yourself. No formalities. No rituals. JUST ONE SELF.

Phasing Communication In Relations

When you start receiving the following...
No new messages or emails No mobile calls to disturb you round the day Phones and letters are left only for death news ...don't bother much about them. Start understanding the limit of relationships and be on-guard, instead of disturbing concerned the persons.

Suicide - When and Why?

To start with, some facts about Suicide (in India):


1. Poverty
2. Alcoholism
3. An anguished man
4. A misfortune
5. Failure in exam
6. Family feud
7. Depression
8. Unemployment
9. Dowry


1. India accounts for 10 % of worldwide suicides.
2. BBC rated Hussain Sagar lake, Hyderabad as most celebrated spot for suicide worldwide.
3. One suicide is reported in India every 5 minute.
4. 4.66 % of victims are aged 15 to 29 years of age.
5. 53.5 % female commit suicide due to family problems.
6. 11.2 persons commit it per 1 lac population worldwide.
7. Pondicherry is most notorious one having 58 suicides per 1 lac.
8. Impulsive climax of negative emotions is a hallmark of growing youth.

Signs and symptoms:

People show their suicidal tendancy as...

1. Being withdrawn & unable to relate
2. Talking about feeling isolated & loney.
3. Expressing feeling of failure,uselessness,lack of hope or loss of self estem.
4. Talk…

Computer and Eye

Use of computer is unavoidable in day to day life of an individual dealing with IT industry and such other professions. It is not a safe thing to go using computer carelessly. Then What? The answer to such questions follows. Our science tells following 10 rules to be taken care of.

Ignoring And Accepting Over Hating

To hate someone is easy. To abuse someone is even easier. To insult someone is the easiest. How to manage it? I am not talking about power of mind, personality development, positive thinking, yoga or many other such things. It can be read or heard elsewhere. I am describing my present thought-cycle.

Why not love? Why not ignore? Or why not accept the individual in one's original form? If reacting is inevitable, be brief.

The Friends And Prejudice

When I see someone, my senses form one opinion and accordingly, I start reacting.I start loving and respecting the said fellow  without reasons or its opposite. The friend-circle gets formed this way. That is the reason why some of your contacts who are most of the time with you, are never your friends.