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Facebook Diseased

Cyberworld and You - Part 2 Facebook Here I want to conclude my first article on the same subject with important closing remarks. I have tried to describe four signs of the DISEASED person - they may or may not apply any of us!

Father's Reply To A Daughter Married Against His Will

From:    Dr Bharat Desai To: Date:      Sun, Jul 18, 2010, at 9:53 PM Subject:  Father's reply to a daughter married against his will, on Father's day. Beloved Prathana, This is a reply to your letter published in Chitralekha direct from the heart of a Father, uncensored.


We are always comparing what we are with what we should be. The 'should be' is projection of what we think we ought be. Contradiction exists when there is comparison, not only with something or somebody, but with what you were yesterday and hence there is conflict between 'what has been' and 'what is'. There is 'what is' only when there is no comparison at all, and to live with 'what is', is to be peaceful. Then you can give your whole attention to 'what is' within yourself and you can live with it completely. -  J. Krishnamurti (Freedom From the Known)

Social Networking - An Addiction

Cyberworld & You - Part 1 Social Networking - An Addiction FACEBOOK MYSPACE ORKUT TWITEER HI5 FRIENDSTER BABO ...and so many so called social networking websites.