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Death, at 60

Continued from the series  I, at 60 ; Relations, at 60 ; Money, at 60  and  Medical Practice, at 60 Am I ready to die? The answer is yes and no. If given choice, I don’t want to die before my father. If so is allowed, I want to be with him serving till his last breath and yes, then I am ready. Actually, I had sorted out my wishes during my terminal illness where I am unconscious regarding 1. Organ donation, body donation and eye donation, 2. Treatment schedule especially telling when they should be stopped, 3. Protocols to be followed at the time of death and 4. Formalities not to be observed after my death and enlisted them. But then I suddenly realized the futileness of such exercise and accordingly, I have omitted all as a mark of respect to my concerned ones.

Medical Practice, at 60

I was one of the brightest of students during my academic career. I respected my teachers and I was their favourite student. I have studied up to 28 years of age to pass M.S. in Ophthalmology and practised for 32 years. I know practising in a small village-like town does bring more practice and less money. I was the only eye specialist available serving needy poor of the area for more than two decades . I have worked as honorary visiting eye-surgeon at Eye camps organized at Adivasi (tribal) and poor areas of Vansda, Ahwa, Dharampur for a long time - at Gram Seva Trust, Kharel and Bodhi Gaya (Bihar) eye-camps for more than five years. I am working at Rotary Eye Hospital, Chikhali till today in addition to my private practice .

Money, at 60

Continued from  I, at 60 and Relationship, at 60 If a person is ready to live a simple life in old age with minimum needs, any savings one has done is enough. Generally, all at 60 and beyond feel whatever one has earned is very little – one has missed the chance to earn. When I graduated my MBBS in 1974, all were leaving for the US. I opted for serving my motherland India and my parents; today I have no regrets for the decision. If serving the poor with full dedication is considered to balance, I have earned it at maximum. If poor appreciation is an issue, I suggest to bother about  Karmic Theory  of results and remain aloof.

Relationship, at 60.

Continued from  I, at 60 Before starting this story, I must admit, I have been accompanied by a brother before birth till today - a pair of twins. We are hardly comparable in any way or let me say, we are totally different in nature, look and attitude - we are always available to each other. I had parents to guide me till 60, of whom I lost my mother a month back. My father is always available with his viewpoint to guide me in need on any issue with clarity of thought and without forcing to follow the same. I understand it as a great luxury many do not have.

I, at 60.

In my first presentation on At 60 and after… I had enlisted ten general characteristics related to age. Now I think it is worth writing my own experiences, views and ideas regarding the subject of being 60 . Well, I am sharing my thoughts. I am sure you will respond with your comments. First, I’d like to reply FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding me:

At 60 And After

At 60 and after... Even the not-so-young people around start addressing you as Uncle/Auntie. You start receiving less greeting cards on new year, birthday, wedding anniversary. You start earning less in case of professionals and start getting pensions if retired from such a job. One starts counting balances and investments that can give returns. Diseases of old-age like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, amnesia start showing their power. Certain serious illnesses like cancer, paralysis and heart problems start troubling. You start receiving concessions in railway ticket, state transport fare and air tickets. Younger people may start offering a seat at public places out of respect or pity. You may be allowed to go ahead in 'Q's and if needed they may support you. You start feeling a new phase of life has begun, where you have to start compromising and adjusting in place of ruling and dominating as in the past. Senior citizen clubs and old-age homes start waiting

The Happy "Day" Wishes

Happy. "Something" Day! If you have always been a well-wisher of all the concerned, I doubt wishing "Happy" this and that makes any extra sense. You will never wish bad-luck for any of your relative, friend or neighbour, any way - say, not even in a dream! Let us be real and original, instead of being formal and showy.