Money, at 60

Continued from I, at 60 and Relationship, at 60

If a person is ready to live a simple life in old age with minimum needs, any savings one has done is enough. Generally, all at 60 and beyond feel whatever one has earned is very little – one has missed the chance to earn. When I graduated my MBBS in 1974, all were leaving for the US. I opted for serving my motherland India and my parents; today I have no regrets for the decision. If serving the poor with full dedication is considered to balance, I have earned it at maximum. If poor appreciation is an issue, I suggest to bother about Karmic Theory of results and remain aloof.

I can proudly tell myself I can rely on my offsprings for whatever I need - a great satisfaction any parent can have.

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  1. I Agree, and i would like to serve my mother country and my parents; but its difficult considering i cannot stay in billimora and they wont stay with me here ...

    1. I am happy to note you are reading my article.
      Your desire to be with them and to be available immediately is more than enough.
      Your concern for them is more important than mere physical presence.
      Best luck till then...

  2. Oh certainly uncle I like reading them earlier I use to read thru rahul's page, now I have the direct source, I so wanna be a writter but hardly get time to work towards dat, m good at presentation and ezpressing myself, will do it one day; nd abt mom nd dad I knw I can't help but will try to get IT in blm soon and work frm der ...


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