Death, at 60

Continued from the series I, at 60; Relations, at 60; Money, at 60 and Medical Practice, at 60

Am I ready to die? The answer is yes and no. If given choice, I don’t want to die before my father. If so is allowed, I want to be with him serving till his last breath and yes, then I am ready.

Actually, I had sorted out my wishes during my terminal illness where I am unconscious regarding 1. Organ donation, body donation and eye donation, 2. Treatment schedule especially telling when they should be stopped, 3. Protocols to be followed at the time of death and 4. Formalities not to be observed after my death and enlisted them. But then I suddenly realized the futileness of such exercise and accordingly, I have omitted all as a mark of respect to my concerned ones.
I am sure I have no expectation whatsoever before, during and after my death.

To conclude...
  • I am happy.
  • I have no regrets.
  • I am ready to face whatever situation arises and do what I think right at that moment.
  • I want to relax - have a pause - then start a social service activity in Ophthalmology to serve the needy in my way of doing so.
  • I want to read a lot and write my impressions on life, spirituality and ophthalmology.
  • I have a grand treasure of love, good wishes and blessings. I want to distribute to all around without any discrimination.


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