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Father's Letter To Son On Completion Of Studies

My letter to my son Rahul on completion of studies. December 21, 2004 Beloved Ravi, When one is finalizing a job if options are available, what are the basic criteria? Place: Country/city Salary and probable increments Advantage of learning and exposure to updating Parents

Modern Parents And Supra Modern Children

Parents of today have become parents at a high cost of fertilization by IVF and what not. They cannot dream of a second child and so the only one (single) child, though not advisable, is the most precious child. Now, all their expectations, ambitions, failures and frustrations are to be dreamt of on the said child. Because they cannot give enough time for the upbringing - so-called available time is spared for them as a quality time, because of a sense of guilt they have.

Basics Of Christianity

Every third person in the world is Christian. Meaning thereby, the highest number of people of any religion are Christians. So it is quite possible, you are dealing more often with a Christian than you think. With this in mind, here is a gentle effort to introduce the said religion. I will divide this essay into three parts: Introduction Jesus Christ and The Bible