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Mind Your Mind

Mind your mind! Or you may need a psychiatrist at the earliest. If you cannot love and respect any one of the following (whatever their nature, economical or intellectual level may be) - Parents, Parents-in law, Son/Daughter or Son/Daughter-in-law, consider checking your own thought-cycle and revise it. Or else, you may be nowhere. You may lose your most important life support following your own method.

Loneliness Alert

Alert ! When you are staying as a nuclear family, say single pair of husband-wife for long duration, a time comes you start enjoying-loving your privacy and loneliness. And time comes when you don't like any break-breach in that, meaning thereby you start disliking, if not hating, any person around.

Felicitation Of True Devotees

We should felicitate the extremists, terrorists, alcoholics, gamblers, etc. type of people around us for their total conviction, devotion to the job they do; total dedication and full attention to the work they have opted. Their character attracts followers and disciples obeying them blindly. Only after learning these virtues, can we raise our own neck for any garland!

The One Minute Apology

From the recent book   review , I presented at Lions Club’s promotional event, as a part of Vanche Gujarat campaign. The One Minute Apology - Ken Blanchard,  Margret McBride A powerful way to make things better. A manipulative technique for getting what you want. A power of forgiveness to improve or repair relationships, your business and even your home.

Conclusion: Mind-Body-Medicine

Any profit and loss account statement should end with precise brief balance sheet telling what was the final outcome; similarly any detailed report should end with conclusion telling what did you really gained. I will do that. What did I learn here? I will reply this question precisely. I cannot and do not want to boast of gaining ENLIGHTENMENT, but I can say with full humility, I have learnt a lot. They have changed me.

Raj Yoga

Raj means kingdom, the place where The King rules. Yoga means meeting, relation or joining together. So, Raj-Yoga is a technique of meditation leading to peace and happiness and thereby uniting oneself with supreme power-soul. The practice of Raj-yoga leads you to happiness for yourself and for those whom you interact by your inspiring source of positivity. The aim of Raj-yoga is to provide a means by which you can become the master of your own mind and your own destiny and thus acquire constant peace of mind.

Karmic Theory - Practical Meditation

Reference: Practical Meditation (by Brahmakumaris) Continued from: Karmic Theory (Law Of Karma) The Law of Karma, of action and reaction, is spiritual sphere and is absolute. It states: For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Opposite, of course, means opposite in direction. Whatever interactions I have with others, I receive the equivalent in return. This means that, if I have given happiness, I will get happiness in return and if I have given sorrow, I will receive sorrow in return. Thus the law is simple and when understood in full depth, it can give insight into the significance of events in my own world and in world at large.

Karmic Theory (Law Of Karma)

“Facing Challenges and Creating Destiny” by BK Shivani, Gurgaon National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine, Mount Abu. August 6-10, 2010 What is Karma? Karma is work or energy going out in the form of 1. Thought, 2. Word and/or 3. Action. Resultant return of energy is in the same amount known as Bhagya (Destiny). The role of God is to ask you to do Karma and to help you to do RIGHT karma. Then whatever good/bad karma you do, the result is accordingly and entirely your responsibility. Because the result is Destiny (Bhagya). So don’t blame anyone else or God for anything bad. Do not try to blame someone responsible for your own deed and its result.

Mind Your Mind

Lecture on ‘Mind Your Mind’ by Dr. Girish D Patel, Mumbai. National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine, Mount Abu. August 6-10, 2010 Here are my impressions, input and the summary of what I learnt on the given subject, without confusing or making you tired. First, I’ve tried to briefly tell you the points and then added my comments. I’ve tried to see that your interest is maintained.

Mount Abu in Rainy Season

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine Mount Abu August 6-10, 2010 Part-I The Journey Part-II Stay, Food, and Beverages Part-III Mount Abu in Rainy Season Mount Abu in Rainy Season With clouds wandering around you and raining at a different speed, greenery at Aravalli hills is maddening the artist/poet in anybody.

New Friends

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine Mount Abu August 6-10, 2010 Part-I The Journey Part-II Stay, Food and Beverages Part-III Mount Abu in Rainy Season Part-IV New Friends

Stay, Food and Beverages

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine Mount Abu August 6-10, 2010 Part-II Stay, Food and Beverages Continued from Part-I The Journey Stay at Gyaan Sarovar, Mount Abu Staying with 9 other persons in the same room - a dormitory - is a rare experience worth trying. You get this experience only at youth hostels trekking programs.

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine Mount Abu August 6-10, 2010 Part-I The Journey I was one of 750 consultant doctor delegates of India, attending this conference between 6 to 10 August, 2010. Actually my love for nature and temptation to wander at Abu in rainy season brought me here. I shall share my experiences of the event with you. I shall describe academic part and other experiences step by step, with short articles. I invite you to be with me.