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Karmic Theory (Law Of Karma)

“Facing Challenges and Creating Destiny” by BK Shivani, Gurgaon
National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine, Mount Abu.
August 6-10, 2010
What is Karma?

Karma is work or energy going out in the form of 1. Thought, 2. Word and/or 3. Action. Resultant return of energy is in the same amount known as Bhagya (Destiny).
The role of God is to ask you to do Karma and to help you to do RIGHT karma. Then whatever good/bad karma you do, the result is accordingly and entirely your responsibility. Because the result is Destiny (Bhagya). So don’t blame anyone else or God for anything bad. Do not try to blame someone responsible for your own deed and its result.

Be aware and create/decide your own destiny (Bhagya). Actually, the role of God is to:
  1. Give us the strength to handle the problem/situation
  2. Accompany us in solving the issue
  3. Guide
  4. Love unconditionally
  5. Give proper knowledge and
  6. Pour power to face the situation
So pause a little before doing something wrong, think it will never give good result and possibly you may stop doing wrong.

Never compromise on inner Happiness for gaining profit, position or fame.

Write a Karmic account of positive and negative deeds before going to bed (maintain a diary or make a mental note). You have to settle your account. Please, understand a simple thing: good work (Karma) will give good destiny (Bhagya) and similarly, bad/negative deeds bad destiny. It is not a mathematical addition or deduction because both good and bad deeds will give their destiny accordingly, but separately. So BE AWARE and understand you can create/decide your own destiny, just BE POWERFUL enough to write your own destiny, because you have to settle the account.

Law of Karma:

Wrong is wrong whatever logical justification you give to satisfy yourself. And the result will be accordingly. So don’t be a lawyer to argue and prove something wrong as right.

Similarly, right is always right, let the whole world disagree with it. And the destiny will be similarly good. To simplify, one may say whatever good or bad I have done, I will get the result.

When something goes wrong or let us say when a problem, insult or conflict arise, BE AWARE, CHECK the causative karma carefully and CHANGE yourself. The situation will definitely smoothen.

The Karmic Law
The Karmic Law - Judgment Day
Soul Consciousness:

Actually, we are not the body (physical form), we are souls. We are eternal and non-destroyable. So the change in life is just like changing clothes. Life is a complete journey going on and on. That is why the Karmic account will be carried forward even after death.

All this teaches us the role of ETHICS in life. Live by your values and principles ethically.

If you think, you cannot do that, QUIT.

Be ethical and face the challenge. But never ever say to yourself, I had no choice but to do the wrong.


  1. I feel the karmic theory is just guess work, a facile , simplistic explanation for things that happen in this world for which we dont have a ready answer. All actions , good or bad are the result of nature.Nothing is carried forward from a previous life. For instance for thousands of years people suffered the ravages of small pox.It was thought they were paying for their past actions-like kiloling causing grievous injuries raping theft loot arson killing pregnant woman etc. All these actions are being
    carried on even to day perhaps on a much larger scale than a few thousand years ago. So now also there must be the scourge of pox. But Pasteur invented waxin we eradicated with tuberclosis, with all kinds od diseases considered the result past actions. Mankinds actions are the same from times immemorial but Lo your Karmic effects are missing.Some say now the suffering may be different. But it is a case equal and opposite reaction.If that reaction is pox for thousands of years why should it change with mans intelligent approach. Karmic theory is the most stupid and senseless .There is naver any proof and never will be. They give convenient illogical explanations for things happen in this world like if a boy loses his eye the stupid presumption (inference is he must have damaged the eye of some one or animal(Some swamijis gave such explanations) But nobody ever showed in which life in how many years back he damaged the eye. At least record one sing le incident suppose where X killed a pregnant lady say in 1900 in his70th year.Take such a case when he gets rebirth in next 70 years. He must lose his. Is there asingle such inident which can be identitified NO all the Gods all the Swamijis and prophets put to gether can not show such in icdent. So the Karma business is crap Apuerile guess.Our destinies are shaped by natural forces I may be contacted for further elucidation

    1. @D.G.Ramarao

      Thanks for your comment.

      I do agree with what you said.
      Sometimes there is need for some moral support and consolations for undesired result, well, it does play some role there.

    2. Karma is always right. Look back at many things I did in my current past , it was true and still is. Stay away from doing things bad is good for myself and our society.

  2. Previous life's 'Karma' is the fate of present life so if our previous life's karma was bad then we have to suffer in our present life. Therefore being a human being, having a brain to distinguish between good and bad karma, we have now to decide what would be our future life's (next birth's) fate.

  3. Anonymous said nothing new. He repeated the age old concept of Karma. I hope he had gone through my letter. If he had he did not try to refute my arguments.It is very difficult with believers. He says ...We have to decide what would be our future life. Can he think of one single man out of 600 crores who had ever seen his future life.Wexcept wild stupid guess can any one say what his future life is.When you can or identify yourself in your future life you can verify if the karmic rwactions are taking place or not.In future one may be reborn as man, king or a lady or a dog or snake or insect or anything . with which of the lives you identify your self so that you will know weather you are reaping the actions in this life. That is why Karma theory is nonsense. No intelligent man will ever fall a prey to such undiluted stupid theory

  4. I Agree to the D G ramarao above, For it sounds too logical. We see that crime rate in the world is increasing, If there were cases of 2 lacs rapes in any country, with the passage of time they have increased and not decreased. But at the same time, population of the world is also increasing. Logically, if at all we believe in karma, then according to the increased rates of crime, population should decrease. Which is not happening infact. So this theory is not logically correct! Theory was just created , because the Hindu scholars couldnot understand, why some people are born deaf, disabled and some are born fine, rich etc. SO they said, its karma! But this is not the case infact. Whatever the case may be, but atleast its not the Karma..

  5. is it we have all are predestined and whatever we do would have no payback...I have seen many bad people relishing there lives...I want to know why...god exists.. past life has no influence why a child belongs to a slum while the other born wid a silver spoon...also....I have seen many good souls suffering ...whyyy...I am not contradicting to what you all have said...just want to check if you can narrate an incident where shrewd people pay back for their follies in the present life cycle...please support your answer with a a practical example or smething you have experienced

  6. @Jasmine, well, irrespective of role of Karma, I have stressed on role of ETHICS, please, do follow and things will not be that difficult.
    @D G Ramarao and @Silver Lord, I thank you for the interest shown on the subject and comments posted. Well, anything can be proved from either side. I have put my view.

    1. Thank you Mr.Desai for appreciating our comments whether one is able to agree fully with them or not. I want to add something. Even in four Vedas the karma theory was not fully developed.There was no clear indication of rebirth even. Obviously people in those times were not having knowledge of how the nature acts. So they depended entirely on superstition and guess. Our 4 Vedas are nothing but inane senseless, desperate prayers to personified elements like Indra,Vayu, Agni Savita, Pusha Varuna etc. All the prayers are for satisfying worldly desires like money, security sex progeny gold et. They did not have the slightest idea of Atma Paramatma Moksha etc. These spiritual thoughts were the products of Upanishads which we are told are a refutation of Vedic sacridotal ceremonies. To cut a long story short these useless senseless theories of Karma etc are all the products of undeveloped minds when man was groping in the dark corridors of nature for answers to the events in the world. I dont want to make my comment too long. If someone want to here my views I shall expand. Else I have to write a book itself

  7. little confused..they say god does not intervene in karmas .the karmic accounts are settled by souls themselves...means the souls take the costumes according to their own wish to pay or take revenge from other souls?? whats the role of the god then ..i mean who decides the birth place family members of the soul who leaves a costume on his journey.... if god does not decides then are we souls who decide.....please help me in clearing my doubts

  8. please clear my above doubt. i shall be grateful.

  9. Mr Desai you haven't cleared my doubt..o.k at least throw some light on this..what is old age the result of? Is it of good or bad karma..old age is a suffering in itself..although it's aphase of our journey but why is it so miserable..I mean health wise

  10. While I appreciate the original poster of the article, I disagree with the views shared by the other commentors.

    Karma Theory wasn't invented by lame scholars who couldn't explain why people were going through suffering.

    Newton's Third Law says every action & reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, every thought & action that we reap has a full blown tree/fruit which will bear fruit days, weeks, months, years or generations later.

    The bad karma that we've done in the past life and whether it can be corrected can be identified with Vedic Astrology. Our ancient seers gave us this science so we can identify.

    Not a single person's birth chart is ever the same & through the study of the chart, Karma can be identified and there can be steps taken to remedy that Karma.

  11. To answer the second question, our population is increasing and why are more and more people committing sins today - it is because of evolution.

    The scriptures state that to acquire a human birth is one of the most difficult things and when born as a human, we need to use it to do as much Good as possible and move towards God.

    Rebirth is continually happening and lower-level beings i.e. animals take birth as human beings and after their life is over, based on their actions, the ascend to the higher or the lower plane is determined.

    It would be very hard to summarize this concept in a simple comment. But I hope I have given a general idea.

  12. Well. Many have given their views.
    In Bhagavdgitha Lord Krishna explains about Theory of Karma.
    In Shirdi Sai Baba's life time he explains about Theory of Karma.
    In Sai Satcharitha Book you can read the instances of Theory of Karma.
    Why one is born in slum?
    Why one does not get good education?
    Why one suffers in this life for no reasons of this life.
    Hence, Do your duty to the best. The Results may not be in our hand.
    If we get the results it may be due to our good karmas and not means it may be due to bad karmas.


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