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Conclusion: Mind-Body-Medicine

Any profit and loss account statement should end with precise brief balance sheet telling what was the final outcome; similarly any detailed report should end with conclusion telling what did you really gained. I will do that.

What did I learn here? I will reply this question precisely. I cannot and do not want to boast of gaining ENLIGHTENMENT, but I can say with full humility, I have learnt a lot. They have changed me.

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine

Raj-yoga meditation at 4 early morning (Amrut-vela), exercises as directed by BK Sujata followed by guided meditation are worth experiencing. Karmic theory (Law of karma), Mind-your-mind lectures and sharing experiences of heart surgeons showing benefits of meditation has impressed me.

Rainy mood of Mount Abu at Nakki-lake and Guru Shikhar, gaining new friends of all over India and company 10 friends in the room are good mood elevators worth trying.

Well, I feel, I am a new person now with different approach to myself and people around me.

This article concludes series of articles from Mind-Body-Medicine Conference:

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