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Mind Your Mind

Mind Your MindLecture on ‘Mind Your Mind’ by Dr. Girish D Patel, Mumbai.
National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine, Mount Abu.
August 6-10, 2010

Here are my impressions, input and the summary of what I learnt on the given subject, without confusing or making you tired. First, I’ve tried to briefly tell you the points and then added my comments. I’ve tried to see that your interest is maintained.
1. The empire of future is the one who is empire of mind.

2. Modern man has all the things required available, but he is still having stress.

3. We have two reasons for problem:
    • We do things without thinking, or
    • We keep on thinking without action.
    4. Think wherever I am now, I will be RELAXED,PEACEFUL and SATISFIED. Only then, you will get everything you want.

    5. Find out the root cause of your problem, so that it can be taken care of. Usual causes are as follows:
    • Inferiority complex
    • Sleeplessness
    • Depression
    • Forgetfulness
    • Fear
    • Poor performance
    • Loneliness
    • Lack of confidence
    6. Observe your thought process 3 or 4 times a day.

    7. Attitude of gratitude: Think your life depends on many persons’ hard work, thank them with respect and full humility. Start the list with parents, teachers and like that.

    8. Focus on goals, not on fears.

    9. We gravitate in the direction of our dominant thoughts. So always think about happiness and prosperity.

    10. Formula for mindful thought:
    • Watch
    • Catch
    • Match
    • Latch and switch over.
    • I will not allow/accept any single unwanted/undesirable thought. In case of undesirable thought, shout "STOP".
    11. I forgive you... because, I want to remove your influence on my consciousness.

    12. When ego dies, there is nothing to fear.

    13. If you want to change the world, change your own attitude.

    14. Repetition is the mother of all skills.

    15. It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our life, but what we constantly do that shapes our life.

    16. Remind yourself that none can make you unhappy (or Happy also) without your own consent.

    17. See the problem in the same magnitude as it presents to you.

    18. Do not have following five attitudes:
    • WHY ME ONLY? Never ask that.
    • Jumping to conclusions: Without proper analysis never jump to negative conclusions.
    • Searching negativity: In spite of having advantages, person searches indirect disadvantages and repeats telling them. Never do that.
    • Always mentality: When one comes across the problem or say difficult situation, he starts telling he always gets this. Avoid that.
    • Labeling persons and/or events negatively: Never have a habit of such negative labeling anything and everything.
    Well, I am sure reading this short sentences have lead you to start you own thinking process in the right direction. Now just don’t stop, continue the thought process actively, continuously and rationally. Such a simple but rational way leads to MINDING YOUR MIND and making life PEACEFUL and HAPPY, the ultimate goal of each one.

    I don’t want to disturb you any more, you are busy yourself, thinking yourself and making your own way in the subject, understanding negative root causes of the problem, being forgiving with full humility, understanding yourself and focusing at the ultimate goal with sense of gratitude. May I add my best wishes?


    1. Thank you. Some of the points you have written have a lot of depth.


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