Mount Abu in Rainy Season

National Conference on Mind-Body-Medicine
Mount Abu
August 6-10, 2010
Part-I The Journey
Part-II Stay, Food, and Beverages
Part-III Mount Abu in Rainy Season

Mount Abu in Rainy Season

With clouds wandering around you and raining at a different speed, greenery at Aravalli hills is maddening the artist/poet in anybody.
1. Nakki Lake:

Guru Shikhar
It gets dried up in summer and is filled with water again after rains. My visit was at this stage of a half-filled lake. People were enjoying boating and company of ones' own group. I was lucky to have mixed-age group crowd of 7 people around me. We enjoyed a lot and laughed at maximum on jokes cricketed on oneself.

2. Gurushikhar:

This is the highest point of Mount Abu, you reach there after climbing 350 steps. There is a bell - I have collected 4 photographic memories of the said bell in last 30 years. One can have a view of nature downwards from the height.

3. Delwara Temples:

There is a cluster of Jain temples built 1100 years back. Unique carvings all over on marbles are great art collection seen nowhere in the world. One gets astonished to see them.

4. Peace Park:
Fountain at Gyaan Sarova

If I say rest of the area all around Mount Abu is covered by Bahmakumaris, I am not wrong. Peace Park, Gyaan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan and all such things make Abu converted to Brahmakumaris world headquarter.

Peace Park is one having all the beauty of a botanical garden cultivated with eye-pleasing arrangements and architecture. You can have only bird's eye view in an hour, you need a full day to enjoy it fully.

Gyaan Sarovar and Pandav Bhavan are two places having conference halls with staying facilities.

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