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Freedom From The Known - Quick Review

I recently re-read this book 'FREEDOM FROM THE KNOWN' by J Krishnamurti edited by MARY LUTYENS.

I have gone through the details. I cannot summarize it for you, but as I have told you his thoughts regarding LOVE, now I will tell you some other ideas he told.

1. Seeking for security is inviting insecurity.

2. We human beings are what we have been for millions of years…
Colossally greedy,
and despairing
with occasional flashes of joy and affection.
3. We are frightened of death, we are afraid of known and unknown.So we ESCAPE from actual reality.

4. Normally we thrive on blaming others, it is a form of self pity.

5. Leaders destroy followers and followers destroy leaders. Whom to blame?

6. If you don’t follow somebody,
you feel lonely.
Be lonely then.
Why are frightened being alone?
Because you are faced with yourself and you find that you are empty, dull, stupid, ugly, guilty and anxious.
Face the fact, look at it, do not run away from it. The moment you run away fear begins.

7. Most of us are not sensitive even physically.
We over eat. We don’t bother about right diet.
We over smoke.
We over drink-whatever liquid it is.
Then our body becomes insensitive.
The quality of attention is made dull.

Well friends, I can enlist so many things, but I have to see that you only gain some glimpses of the book and your desire to read the said book is lighted. That should be enough, I hope. Actually, he does not advocate followers. He asks each one of us to be ones' own teacher and ones' own disciple. You have to be fully with yourself, to decide your path...

You define LOVE for yourself and follow that.
You rationalize you own life and live that accordingly,
BEST OF LUCK then...
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  1. J Kris. I have never understood him thank you for the abstract, I will try to read it again and see if i can finish one of his book.

    You have inspired me to read this book let see upto what extend i am successful.

  2. I share the same opinion with's never easy to understand J. Kris...Many incomplete attempts...

    This crisp highlights are really helpful to get the understanding clear. As in our education system, we need teacher.. probably this review does the same to us..Thanks uncle!!

  3. Very nice crisp synopsis. Well, i have read a few of his works. I agree, it takes a lot of concentration reading his books. He repeats a lot...but remember...most of his books are written based on his public speaking events and recordings, just like Osho's.


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