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24 Hours Of Traveling Public Transport - An Experience

My Car  to Desai Eye Hospital
My wife’s car (Dr. Bhavana Desai)  to Bilimora Railway Station
Sayaji Nagari Express  to Surat
Auto Rickshaw  to Dayalji Ashram (a Marriage Function)
Walk  to God Dod Road
Auto Rickshaw  to Dr Bhaskar D Acharya’s Bunglow
Car  to Surat S.T. Bus Terminus
State Transport Super-fast Bus  to Navsari
Local Bus  to Eru Cross Roads
Three-wheeler Tempo  to Khara Abrama
Three-wheeler Tempo  to Amalsad
Three-wheeler Tempo  to Bilimora
Brisk walk  for early home

Well, once in a while, it is OK. But I would suggest affording class of people to be away from such an experiment. It kills a lot of one’s time and inconvenience caused is justified by no explanation whatsoever.

I feel like experimenting once in a while to learn closely the problems faced by crowds in public transport system and their behavior with co-passengers. Every time I conclude telling myself if such journey is must, it's fine. But better avoided, if possible.


  1. I also agree to your last statement "if such journey is must,it is OK, but better avoided if possible." But in Big cities like Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore have to use different public transport now a day in daily life, as petrol prices have gone beyond common men's pocket.( now, even upper middle class can also not afford).

    I got one SMS, would like to share- For the first time in India "need" "comfort" and "Luxury" are sold at the same price!!!!!!! Onion - Rs 65, Petrol - Rs 65, and Beer Rs- 65.

  2. What an experiment , you tried.Bravo! Having all facilities , up for
    grab all the time,you tried these just for experiment.Truly it is not
    worth trying.Thanks for sharing xperience.

    Ln.Dr.Vijay Desai(MJF)
    Multiple Council Vice Chairman(2009-10)

  3. Dr Bhaskar D AcharyaWednesday, 26 January, 2011

    dear bharatbhai,
    24 hrs no anubhav avoj rahe,avu mane pan thayu chhe.
    sauthi saru car lai ne nikalvu.35 varsh pahela je maja hati te have kadach kantala man pariname.baki vato karavni maja avi.

  4. These are the normal transport available to 'Aaam Adami' and not all can afford the luxury of air conditioned cars and air crafts.


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