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Inspired by the title of the blog “I AM” of my niece Khushbu Desai, I thought I should write my views on I AM and the result follows.

I am a son.
I am a brother.
I am husband.
I am a father.
I am an uncle.
I am father-in-law.
I am relative.
I am a friend.

I have purposefully ignored my other labels of age, sex, health and economic status, qualification and profession.

I am not the body that you see.
I am not the mind that shines and throws intelligence.
I am not what you say about me.
I am not what you think and certify of me.

I know happiness is an inner thing - a state of mind; physical things have no role to play.

I do not follow some so-called religious GURU and I have allowed nobody whosoever to be my mentor. I have a religion of my own. I understand popularly marketed religion and ready-made happiness tools have hardly any role to play. I think myself above physical and material things.

My decisions are my own and I am ready to get whatever it yields.

I know my limitations of body and intelligence.
I know frustrations of expectations and extraordinary ambitions.
I have certain physical, emotional and intelligent status and needs.

I know internet, cyber-world, television and cell phones are the present day gadgets and are need of the time - must for connectivity and knowledge. But I use them for myself and don’t let them make me addictive to any of them. There is life without them and beyond their capacity.

I want to love myself the most.
I want to love all around me unconditionally.

And so,
I want to be what I am,
As I am,
And remain so,
Because, first of anything, I know
who I AM.


  1. Fuaji,

    Your response to my blog title almost echoes my thoughts on the phrase "I Am". I do have my thoughts on the phrase "I Am" drafted to be posted on the blog. I have just been waiting to sketch something that I can relate "I Am" with so that it can be put up on the blog.

    Back in 3rd year of college, I had opted for this short course in creative writing. The course was titled 'Finding your voices'. The main aim of the course was not to teach how to write beautifully but to recognize the fact that we all have a certain unique style in doing whatever we do and whatever we love to do- whether it is write, talk, paint, cook, make objects, design clothes or even perform a surgery. The art lies in recognizing and appreciating your own way of doing things rather than to imitate people so that you can gain excellence. This is the course that lead to recognizing my self with the phrase I AM. I'll soon post the article and you will know other details and references behind the blog title.

    Your blog posts and comments have always inspired me to write. And this particular article will definitely persuade me to sketch soon and update the blog :)

    Thank you once again, for appreciating the blog and being an inspiration:)


    1. Beloved Khushboo,

      It was 14 days long time we were together without much dialogue, yes, expressing love and regards were always there.

      Actually, it is now that I know you the best. This is the power of words written on blog.

      I am happy to receive your quick reply.

      I agree everyone is unique.

      Whatever I say, the communication has given me a new friend, I would love to feel free.

      With regards,

  2. Congratulations entering in the world of writing your own blogs means personal views and articles exposed to public......Once again Congratulations Bharatbhai...... for your courage. You may find some bad or good comments too but don't discourage yourself just do writing...that's make our-self happy.You will get inner happiness for sure...we will improve our character... and responsible to the society too. With your experienced in your life when you share, many people might get inspired.....and your thinking process will improve...all the best and share your views with us.We will definitely give feed back...whatever Positive or responsible way.

    1. Thanks for your detailed response.
      I am getting the response.
      I would love to receive more feedback on other articles.

  3. Very well presented uncle!
    Really liked this line - "I am not what you think and certify me."

    - Raghu Pandey

    1. Raghu,
      Thanks for your response... As always authors are eager to get few responses.
      I can feel your involvement while reading the above article and so, finally you could pick the statement 'I am not what you think and certify me'.


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