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Hatred – My Involuntary Emotion

Whatever idealistic discussions we do, there are certain emotions that come out without our will – involuntarily. Hatred is one of them. I shall introduce the subject first.

Penguin dictionary describes Hate as a deep enduring intense emotion expressing animosity, anger and hostility towards a person, group or object. So, hate is deep and emotional dislike created by ideas, individuals, entities or objects.

Hatred is often associated with a feeling of anger and disposition towards hostility. Other synonyms for hatred are Odium, Enmity, Loathing, Animosity and Detestation.

Why do I hate?

1. Heredity:
Maybe I have inherited hatred as one of my dominant character of nature. So instead of love, hatred dominates and appears here and there. I can say, I do not have an emotion of love as a routine and the reverse of love-hate – is a routine outcome.

2. Superiority Complex:
I may be an egoistic person having a great sense of superiority complex. I find all individuals around far too inferior to me. So, all are hated as a natural reaction to them.

3. Look:
Without any reason whatsoever, on seeing someone, my intelligence and thought-cycle send signals of intense dislike. I feel person facing me is worth hating. The first look itself creates hate as a reflex emotion. In fact, I do not have any animosity or any bad experience with the person standing in front of me, and still, I cannot love the one in question. Once this emotion is recorded for someone, it continues forever.

4. Response to their attitude towards me:
Sometimes I find persons ignoring my existence, insulting me for minor issues or having behaviour irritating me, my natural response to them is hate. I cannot be saintly to unpleasant persons. I cannot be much friendly, loving or respecting the ones insulting me.

In conclusion, I am tempted to add few quotes:

Hatred is a self-punishment.
The hatred injures oneself more than the person concerned.
Life is too short to spare an hour of it in the indulgence of this evil passion.
Hate is a fire that burns those who hold it.
When our hatred is too keen, it places us beneath those we hate.

Nelson Mandela told,

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, his background or his religion.
And, People learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can learn to love as. Well, because love comes naturally to human heart, then it’s opposite.

Martin Luther King also said similar words of advice:

Love is the key solution of the problems of the world, not hate!

With all this understanding in the mind, shall I practice love as a first response to any individual and not hate? Will you?

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