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Resolving Conflicts

I said:

If you want to tell something to your close ones – son/ daughter/ parents/ parents-in-law/ brother-sister-in-law/ sons-daughters-in-law – regarding some misunderstanding, problem, disagreement, expectation, etc., tell the concerned one directly instead of telling others.

Because -
  1. Telling others will complicate the issue rather than solving it.
  2. The other person will add her/his own material to the story and then tell. Your story may be changed in total.
  3. The other person may enjoy your situation in place of sympathizing you!
  4. If you tell your emotions directly to the concerned one, it may solve the issue.
  5. Telling the close person directly will make a great difference.

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  1. Yes.... One should convey the fact to reduce/ eliminate the misunderstandings/ disagreements/problems etc by any means directly or indirectly through others or mails or body language or through silence or behavior with them. Should manage to convey facts.


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