At The End Of The Day...

I have used the word 'day' to tell about LIFE here.
  • What is the balance-sheet of a life made of?
  • Is it the sum total of years one lived, health, wealth one gathered or positions one held?
  • Who will then certify the statement? Oneself, crowd present in the funeral or the friends at the time of condolence meeting?
I am confused.

And whatever is the result, how does it matter to the departed person? If so is the case with me, why do I (or for that matter all of us) bother that much at present? Why should one worry or care for such trivial details of life?

Maybe all the people around you want you to either please them or make them happy and mind you, vice-versa is not true.

Well, summary of all that I said and asked is simply one thing - just RELAX. Enjoy the present moment as you feel best, let yourself do your duty to your own satisfaction and wish. And then? Then forget the rest.

Should I say, ALL THE BEST?


  1. You look very similar to Nayan Mangubhai Desai. Any relation?


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