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Visiting The Friends/Family: When And How?

Why and how should we visit our close relatives/friends? Close relatives are the best God-gift,. I would first like to talk about who they are, to start this article. They are:
  • Parents
  • Son/daughter
  • Brother/sister
  • Above relatives-in-law and
  • Close friends

In fact, now-a-days it is a luxury to have any of above, because, modern trend of delayed pregnancy and family planning is leading to zero or one child families which will end with no close-relative in near future. If you have parents alive, at least one brother and/or sister and seniors having a son and/or daughter, you are the most blessed person, because they are the only barriers to mental stress or insult.

Present day culture of not visiting any relative or visiting very less frequently as a flying visit (just to say hi-hello) must change, because these relations are great psychological support in mental stress and trauma. When nobody supports in disturbing situations, these are the ones to be relied upon.

Before going to the etiquette or technique of visit, I’d like to explain some relations.
A. Parents:

Parents are the relatives always ready to help and share your pleasures/problems.
Parents can be taken for granted and still they are with you forever.
Even though the offspring not respecting them, even insulting them, they are ready to forgive them to be with them.
I cannot stress much, but frequent visit to them is ideal.

B. Sister/Brothers:

Nature – say God – given relatives are brothers and/or sisters.
There are chances they may not be at par with parents and may not be taking the relations seriously and still they are worth being in touch by frequent visits.

C. Daughter/Sons:

However financially and socially settled the parents are and however fit physically they may be, parents need physical and moral support from their offspring. Parents have to be cautious in maintaining the dignity of this relation.

D. In-laws:

The above statements apply equally to in-laws relations.

E. Friends:

The modern time of living rely more on friends and they are not wrong.
With all these details in mind, I am forced to say, one must visit close relatives and friends frequently.

Well, the protocol demands following to be observed:
1. Appointments:

However close and important you are, you have no right to disturb them at your will anytime and every time. Before planning your visit, you must contact and ask about their convenience to know whether they are available and free to be with you. If they have some tour program, celebrations elsewhere, some social engagements or important professional work, you must not disturb that. Actually your presence is not welcome. Do not hesitate and feel free to tell your plan and let them confirm before you go.

2. Gift/present:

Formalities demand to carry meaningful and useful gift to present. In addition to the gift, specialty eatables of your place, chocolates, cakes, snacks, or biscuits, etc. are must. However rich and affording a person is, these things appeal and please the most and are eagerly awaited for.

3. Duration and Frequency:

The visit must not be a flying visit – enter and come-out type. A couple of days or at least, a night is ideal. During evening and late night, one can share and meet at leisure. If this is not possible, a lunch/dinner visit is minimum.

Ideal number of visit in my opinion is every quarterly or minimum is twice a year.

4. Manners:

While your stay, host must feel at ease and happy.
You must adjust with the time-table and your manner must be pleasing.
Whatever difference of opinion you have, the talk or discussion should not mean hot argument or quarreling.
They must feel your need for next visit at earliest.
While leaving home, you must invite them to visit your place too.
In conclusion, I will say, close-relations and friends are the best God-gift. They must be taken great care of.

The best method of maintaining relations is visiting them frequently.

It is a great mental catharsis anyone can have.

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  1. How true! The whole concept of visiting relatives (long, overnight stays) is almost dead now. Unless we put conscious efforts, we'll soon cross that thin line between 'personal space' and 'loneliness'. And that transition would be far damaging and depressing.

    With horizons spreading, the families are falling more and more apart; revolutionary transit and communication technologies are barely bridging the gap. What worse, we're getting used to and settled with this concept of 'virtually' staying in 'touch' even with the closest people. I don't know if I can blame our so-called metro/cosmopolitan culture for this.

    Whatever the reason, as you rightly pointed, we need to recognize who our close-ones are and make conscious effort to visit them frequently as possible. It's easier to maintain than putting all the efforts for damage-control later on.

    Very relevant and insightful article!

    1. Rahul,

      I am happy you have responded fast.
      You have very rightly understood my theme of being actively trying to be with the labelled close-ones.
      The warning signal is here, if we ignore that nothing can help.

  2. I really feel blessed by having relatives and friends, whom I can call any time and can go to their place whenever i want to.

    Very Nice.



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