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Before World War III Kills You

I am here to warn you telling the signals of World War III. I have listed some details of the first two World Wars and wish to ask you about your action plan.

  1. World War I took 19 hundred years to appear, but World War II did not even wait for 19 more years. World War III has not appeared for 70 more years, just because of a threat of total destruction due to nuclear power; but now it won’t wait for 7 more months, it appears.
  2. World War I killed more than 1.7 Crore, while World War II killed about 2.2 Crore people around the world. Third World War is not going to spare any living entity on the earth, I’m sure.
  3. The duration of World War I was around 4 years, while that of II was 6 years. But the World War III will not last for 6 days, if not tell the hours as expected. All have master-key for nuclear weapons ready to be pressed!
  4. We need not discuss much the after-effects of World War III because total destruction will be the only outcome.
With this preface, I want to give details of both the World Wars in tabular form, so readers having a bird's eye view only will also gather all the details I want to pass on.

World War I

World War II

28-7-1914 to 11-11-1918
1-9-1939 to2-9-1945
Countries participated:

Total military personnel:

6 Crore
10 Crore
Human loss:
1.7 Crore  death
2.2 Crore death

2 Crore wounded

3.4 Crore wounded
Europe, Africa, Middle-east, China and Asia in total, America

Europe, Atlantic, Asia, Africa, Middle-east, America
1. The imperialistic policy of Europe, Austria-Hungarian empire and Russian empire.
2. The desire to increase national borders by extension in nearby countries.
3. Increase in the military strength.
4. The absence of control by any international law.

1. The desire of Germany, Italy and Japan to be the world power.
2. Failure of League of Nations.
3. Role of powers of Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy.
Fighter Aircrafts                           
Poisonous Gases

Fighter Aircrafts
B-29 Bomber Planes
Parties involved:
1. Allies: UK, France, Russia fought against -
2. Central powers: Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
1. Allies: UK, France, Russia, USA, China, Poland and Africa fought against -
2. AXIS of Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand.

End results:
1. Four major imperial powers defeated. i.e. Germany, Russia, Astro-Hungarian and Ottoman lost.
2. League of Nations formed.
3. Versailles(Paris) Treaty to decide border of each country took place.                          
1. The victory of Allies over AXIS.
2. Russia and America emerged as super-powers.
3. Japan defeated.
4. UNO formed for world peace.

After studying above table of events and end-results of two World Wars, you might have understood the magnitude of destruction and damage to mankind. League of Nations or UNO (United Nations Organization) has, or say can hardly play any role in preventing World War III.

Then what would one do to save mankind?
  1. Be active, fast and dedicated to bringing world-peace.
  2. Unite in fighting against killers of the world, ready to act.
Are you ready to think differently and guide the world or ready to die?

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  1. Interesting, my friend perhaps you should ask whether you should write blogs or not twice before writing anything related to Facts. Total number of casualties of ww2 is more than 6 cores ie. 600 million lives, Russia was not defeated by allies in ww1, Russian Monarchy was overthrown by communist revolution lead by Lenin.

    Italy didn't fight against allies as it betrayed its Central power alliance and fought against Germany for territorial promises by British after the war.

    USA fought with allies in both wars and it was the main deciding factor in ww1 but it was not even mentioned in your article.

    Furthermore ww1 was not fought in China while it was certainly fought in China during ww2.

    B-29 was not a common bomber and it was allied strategic while Germans used Stuka dive bombers and henkil bombers.

    Conclusion: Read more before becoming a write, just having a blog and a computer should not be enough to become a writer.

    Then what would one do to save mankind?

    Stop reading misleading articles such as yours..!!

    1. Ervin jack,

      I liked your comment.

      Well, I do have base for whatever I write. But I am the most happy man reading your conclusion telling just having a blog and computer should not be enough.

      I want you to read all my 100 articles on this blog and send all your impressions.



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