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Pledge On Dasserra '13

Take a pledge this Dasserra:

  • Decide the dates for meeting parents staying away
  • If by chance your parents are staying away from you, fix minimum two to three of these days every year for meeting the parents:

  1. Your own birthday
  2. Your wedding anniversary
  3. New year day morning
  4. Holi
  5. Raksha-bandhan
  6. Makar Sankranti
  7. Independence/Republic Day or
  8. Any date suitable to you every year

It is ideal to stay with the parents and serve them, but for any reason best known to you, if you are staying away from the parents, fix a few days every year and make it a rule to meet them regularly without fail.

Try this and I am sure you and your parents will have the happiest relations!

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