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When A Friendship/Relationship Breaks

Present day thinking leads to breaking a relation on many occasions. It is undesirable but still natural. Don't get panicked about it; relax and think over the following:

  1. No relation is more important than ones' own being... life.
  2. Do not feel sorry or sad about it. It is said, 'when people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never with anyone who leaves you. It simply means their part in your life is over.'
  3. Do not tell details of your story. People only enjoy it and spread it to others adding their comments. You neither get help, sympathy nor guidance.
  4. Do not have self-pity and there is no need to be depressed. Start a fresh line of thinking and find a way out yourself. You are the best judge of your situation.
  5. Do not disturb your routine life and profession. They help to pass the time needed for the final outcome.
  6. Osho says: 'All your problems end following a struggle... Really, the struggle is life!'

Article reference: Dr Shashikant Shah, Gujarat Mitra 4-May-16

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