Personality Development

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Before I give details of the subject, I would love to define it. “Person” means a human individual being physically present. So “Personality” means the characteristics, qualities and nature of an individual person seen as a whole when we meet for the first time. This wholeness of character and nature as seen in an individual creates an aura - a mixture of external appearance, mannerisms and speech.

Now, there are two aspects of individual presentation creating a personality - external look and aura -the facial expression that comes from within.

Even though we are not talking of cosmetics and beauty parlour make-up, staying well dressed and pleasantly presentable is a must. This includes proper hair grooming, good oral hygiene, shaving the beard, dressing appropriately (dressing of proper fitting, maybe simple but washed and ironed) and last but not the least, the polished shining shoes. Now you are presentable, but the personality impressions are creations of the mental outlook.

This mental image creation demands great work-up. Your look will present your level of intelligence - confidence and nature. For this, you will need to have a particular mental attitude of a great person. Let me give some pointers:

First is, BE FREE. Spit out all your past actions, good or bad and never think of them again, because what is done is done. You cannot undo it. Don’t repeat, whatever effect - result follows face. But be careful not to repeat the same mistake. Give up the burden of all deeds - be free and attain freedom, liberation.

Once you are free and get the state of freedom, BE CONFIDENT. Weakness is death. Be brave. Have faith in oneself. Those, who are born with confidence consciously of greatness, became great. Whatever you think, you become. Learn to avoid imitation. One must struggle to be individual - thinking their own thought and realising their own self.

BE FOCUSED and have concentration. Focus on the aim and do not get distracted.

When this is achieved, your education, intelligence and ideal human nature will shine out. Now nobody can ignore your presence, because of the developed personality. And again, you are what your personality is!

An ophthalmologist by qualification and profession, Dr. Bharatchandra Desai loves reading about history, religion, and spirituality. He has written about them and also about 'Anavils' at length. Read all articles. ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર દેસાઈના ગુજરાતી લેખો વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


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