My friend Dr Ashwinbhai Naik  asked me to share my views on the topic 'jealousy' and that created this viewpoint article.

Jealousy is an emotion inherited by all of us. It has nothing to do with age, sex, intellectual level or financial status. This emotion is a negative one expressed according to the intensity of the feeling, and that is why some people can hide it even though they have it in the back of their minds.

Let us start with understanding the word ‘jealousy’. It is derived from a French word ‘jalousie’ meaning possessiveness, suspicion or tolerating no unfaithfulness. So, as we understand it today, jealousy means an expression describing envy or dislike towards something.

It is also a sign of low self-esteem and lack of trust in life, in your partner or even in yourself. This leads to insecurity and ultimately discomfort. Jealousy is a sign of inadequacy and resentment caused by anxiety, anger, disgust, comparison with others and desire to get what others possess.

The person with jealousy exhibits this by either false praise or by giving bad/wrong advice. They would throw dirt of their bad thoughts on you, criticise you and criticise whatever you do. They will celebrate your failures publicly and enjoy the same. They will hate you for no reasons and humiliate you in front of others.

We are so busy in seeing what others have, we miss to see and enjoy what we have. Jealousy is thus a result of our inferiority complex depriving us of happiness. This also leads to depression and we must be aware of this.

Jealousy is an insult to the success and achievement one gained. The insult is caused by ones own failure to get success. Thus, jealousy is a non-acceptance secondary to ones own inability to succeed. If I can not get the desired object, others should also not get it. Or I will be jealous.

I will conclude this by recommending how to manage this evil emotion of jealousy.

  • First, assess yourself and your relationship with the person concerned. Now you should recognise the jealousy in yourself.
  • Decide to let this emotion leave-go
  • Remind yourself of positive traits you possess

And yes, your jealousy will certainly leave your thought cycle and also the negative actions you may take out of jealousy. 

Best of luck!

Reference: Wikipedia

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  1. ��������
    Elaboration of any subject..
    Going in to heart of it then dissecting it with precision of an ophthalmologist .. ����������������

    1. Thank you very much for being the first to respond. I am happy to see my friend reading and appreciating appropriately.

  2. Sir, perfect analysis of one of the weaknesses of human life by you...
    I had stated only reasons of jealousy but you have covered the whole topic from all angles including its behavioural manifestations, roots, reasons and how to keep it away.
    Great master of psychosocial, cultural scientific study of human behaviour...��

    1. By passing or ignoring human inborn element of jealousy and accepting talent and extra capabilities of other person with open mind and delegating exact responsibility to a proper person for a particular task is the key to success of our 3 state-level gynaec conference...

    2. Thank you very much for reading, analysing and responding my article. I feel proud to be your friend.

    3. Same feeling here also, sir

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