Superiority Complex Personification

May 26, 2021 , , 4 Comments

Yes, I will explain this phrase as it is, but I want to tell you a story of a particular caste as a preface and that will follow the subject matter.

In a particular intelligent community in South Gujarat, the superiority complex is an inherited and cultivated character amongst each and every member. They consider themselves, and for that matter oneself individually, superior to all others and all around. This means they are 'the best', have all the worldly knowledge, understands all the subjects and are skilled at the highest in all the matters. They believe whatever they say is the final truth, ultimate truth and truth can not be anything otherwise!

This sense of great ego makes each one believe that all others around are inferior to them, and don't have the same level of intelligence to understand anything. To the extent, one considers others idiots and having low intelligence compared to them.

Now, you can understand this superiority complex of everyone in this community (they are less than two lacs in population all over the world, spread from the South Gujarat base) does not allow them to have respect for absolute any other human being, so unity amongst the caste fellows is beyond even imagination. Let us say unity is impossible!

Individuals in this community need not be highly qualified, intelligent per se or genius in any sense to think of themselves as superior. The ego and inherited belief cause the feeling of superiority, even without any cleverness whatsoever.

They never need a mentor, guide or teacher (often known as 'Guru') because they consider themselves as Guru of all others. Can they be identified as a popularly known term "Guru Ghantaal"? I don't know.

Coming back to the topic of "Superiority complex", let us understand the details. Every human has a self-image of supremacy over others and they don't care whether others think about them so or not. Everybody strives for superiority complex as a normal instinct. This high opinion of oneself is a defence mechanism to help oneself cope with the feeling of inferiority. Thus the need to overcome inferiority creates superiority, in an attempt to overcompensate the feeling of inferiority. Here the individual has dreams of heroism, false assumption of success and an inflated sense of self-importance. It is the basic virtue of a person with an inferiority complex to develop a superiority complex to overcome the difficulties of the former.

All in all, Superiority Complex means a feeling of being greater, bigger and more intelligent.
Well, you must be curious to know what inferiority complex is then. It is an intense personal feeling of inadequacy often resulting from the belief that one is deficient to others.

Before I conclude, let me add certain relevant terms:
  • Self-righteousness: (Sanctimoniousness) is a feeling of moral superiority over other average persons, often results in being intolerant towards the opinion of others
  • Megalomania: personality disorder with an exaggerated feeling of self-importance
  • Egotism: inflated opinion of self-importance and oneself
  • Arrogance: act or habit of making undue claims in an overbearing manner and proud contempt of others
I am sure this information should suffice to start your journey to be cautious after understanding the superiority complex. To remain normal without being on the lower or higher side of inferiority or superiority complex is not difficult once you are aware and alert. Best luck then!

An ophthalmologist by qualification and profession, Dr. Bharatchandra Desai loves reading about history, religion, and spirituality. He has written about them and also about 'Anavils' at length. Read all articles. ડૉ. ભરતચંદ્ર દેસાઈના ગુજરાતી લેખો વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


  1. Wow, Uncle. This is very intricate and realistic description of the facts with respect to human behaviour.

    1. Thank you very much for being the first to respond. I am happy you liked the analysis and praise it appropriately.

  2. First of all i wish to congratulate you for selection of the subject. Commenting on own, own society- community n being neutral n true n honest in write up ..
    First.. observation about speices , almost on the verge of extinction, Onining about their attitude, high headedness, stubornness, ony I am right, only i am inteligent... Ok up to this but others are not inteligent, only i am right n what i say is right is very much intolerable to others ( about 750 crores minus (about less then) 2 lacs Such egoistic / egocentric personalities..
    Superiority complex for everything, every aspect, every field... has lead tobeing cornered , n being pushed back to bottom of the list of world wide likablity of community..
    There is a very thin line between being Egoistic n Self esteemed.
    Person him/herself feels/ believes fighting for self esteem n rwst of all feels n strongly believes as EGOISTIC.
    Well all these qualities??? has overshadowed some good qualities of community being honest, commited n inherent administrative skills ...
    Just cant resists my self from comparing other community in danger of being extiction( about 1lack or less) PARSIS..
    well i mus say they are on the top of that list of likability of community world wide..
    They are polite, caring, generous, adjustability, accomodarive( except for their catse extension rigidity) helping nature to one and all surrounding them n for society.
    Both at different end of the pole of likeability.
    Again i must congratulate you Dr.Bharatbhai for true, bitter n Bold subject n being true n neutral to a subject regarding spieces from which you belong.
    Hope your penchant n enthusiasm for writing on a suject very novel n bold where many afraid to even thinking of touching it.
    Dr.Vijay Desai.

    1. Thank you Dr Vijaybhai Desai for replying again!
      Thank you very much for appreciation and praise for the article.
      I am happy and proud to see your word to word reply of my article.
      I agree with you that because of this bad virtue of Superiority complex and Self-righteousness, our other good characters like honesty and leadership quality are overshadowed and ignored.
      Now-a-days replying on blog demands great effort and you successfully did.
      Dr Bharat Desai


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